Monday, November 27, 2017

Mail Call Monday - Belated Birthday Edition

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  Today's post is about a tale of two knitters and a package that arrived in my mailbox two weeks ago.  For the sake of clarity, the knitters will be called She and Me.

Me:  I went to SAFF and saw these great bags! Had spent all my money, so didn't get one.  :o((

She:  I missed Me's birthday.  I feel like a schmuck. I still have NO IDEA what to get for her and I'm a month late!

Me:  I posted about my SAFF trip and included photos of the glorious bags.

Three weeks after SAFF, what should arrive??  A mysterious package from Etsy.  OMG!!  What did I order now?!?!

Well, as you may well know from the title of this post...

I didn't order anything.  SHE did!!!  (Thank you, thank you!!!)

THIS is what I got:

HERE is a close-up:

The enclosed card is frame-worthy:

Mystery solved:

The moral of the story is this...

Be careful what you wish for because sometimes, you may actually get that wonderful project bag that you've been pining for!!  :o))

But, the plot thickens...

It seems there is QUITE a story behind the gift.

Text One:  "Seriously, Sue?! You are TOO sweet!!!  Thank you for such a beautiful birthday gift.

Text Two:  You should have seen me trying to figure out what I ordered!!!  LOL!!!

Two seconds later, my phone starts ringing.

She is laughing her head off because I know nothing of the links she went to in order for me to receive this beautiful gift...

Some friends are quite persistent when it comes to acquiring the PERFECT gift.  Lucky me, she's THAT kind of friend!

Until next time...
Color me SHOCKED!!!


  1. That is quite a wonderful friend. Start planning ahead to her birthday now!

  2. It indeed is worthy! I am learning block painting now days and I feel that it is going to be very much amazing to gift someone something like this. I am glad I came across this post when I was looking for some gift ideas. It is my sister’s birthday and she is having a celebration at an event space San Francisco.


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