Friday, November 17, 2017

Design Floor Friday - Positively Mini

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  Today I thought I'd share my most recent DrEAMI project.  That's what Sandra at MMM! Quilts calls those projects that drag you away from all of the "should's" and "must's", making you Drop Everything And Make It.

I saw an fun little quilt over at Grace and Peace Quilting.  Nancy wrote about her Square Peg Mini Quilt HERE.  She posted the details about the quilt's designer, the book where YOU can find the pattern to make your own quilt, and the author's blog so that you can see some of her other work.  Go check out the links when you're finished reading my post.

It was a REALLY cute quilt, but I knew I could make it EVEN CUTER... by making it tiny!  What do you think?  Isn't it adorable?

HERE is my process...

Decide on how tiny YOU are willing to sew.  Make 4 Plus blocks:

Arrange 4 partial blocks around the perimeter and a small Plus in the center of the design:

Figure out what size sashing pieces are required:

Assemble the sections:

Quilt top is complete:

Find an "Orphan Block" for the back:

Thanks, Needleb!!  I appreciate the donation.

Quilt as desired:

Sorry!!  I know most quilters HATE reading that phrase, but I couldn't resist.  :P

Oh, LOOK!!  One of these fabrics belonged to Needleb:

As seen in her recently completed 100s Quilt.

The pink with black dots was hers, too:

Also shown in her recently completed 100s Quilt.

Hooray!!  The small quilt has been bound:

For those inquiring minds... The completed quilt is approximately 8" square.

Until next time...
Think positively!!!

Note:  In case you were wondering, Needleb's 100s Quilt was made from a tutorial found at the Wedding Dress Blue blog.  You will find some other great tutorials at THIS LINK.


  1. I love that expression -- DrEAMI! Happens to me quite frequently, only I never think to to interpret the inspiration in a mini.

  2. It's darling! I'm so glad you showed a photo of you holding it, for two reasons. One, it really gives the scale of how tiny it is and two: always nice to see your smiling face :)

    (BTW, the longer I quilt, the less I hate that phrase!)

  3. Love your mini quilt. I will use this to make a block for someone.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  4. It's just sweet as can be and you make it sound so easy! You certainly chose just the right fabrics. I love those colors.

  5. Some weeks are just like that! Cheers for getting something accoplished anywway. Claire aka knitnkwilt

  6. Yours turned out micro-mini cute! Great to see you holding it, for scale. I'm glad mine inspired you!

  7. That's really cute. It's gotta be a small quilt when you can use an orphan block for the back!


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