Saturday, November 18, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC17 - Week 46

Welcome to Week 46 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I had hoped for 2 days of sewing time this week, but ended up needing to help a friend on the day that I planned to stay home and sew. Oh well, there's always NEXT week to hope for extra sewing time!

Here's how this week went...

SUNDAY - The morning took an unexpected turn.  DH needed to be taken to the Emergency Dentist.  Just call me BasketCab, at your service!!  He was having trouble with his surgery sites.  The remedy involved medicated cloves and additional pain killers.

The evening hours provided another call for BasketCab.  This time, it was a trip to pick up DS2, who was returning from a(nother) trip to New York.  As his friend's birthday gift, the grandparents paid for the tickets, what a treat:

Here come the travelers!  Keep watching for DS2:

MONDAY - APQS Owner's Group at Thread Waggle Quilting's new location.  I met a fellow UGA alumna who is waiting for the arrival of her new longarm.  Here was my BIG Show and Tell:

What on Earth, Joyful?!?!

Simple, my friends.  It's a stack of airplane pulleys that used to suffice for wheels on my longarm.  I got a resounding cheer.  :o))

And, hey!  They are even the RSC Color of the Month!!!

Angela recently moved Thread Waggle Quilting and had gifts for us all along with news from Quilt Market.  We each received:

Mack and Carolyn brought gifts for everyone, too.  Just LOOK at these beautiful Corian cutting boards and trivets that they used to sell at craft shows:

After the meeting was adjourned, I stopped by Red Hot and Blue for some BBQ, dropped some off to DS1 and then visited Cary Quilting Company's new Harrison Ave. location.  Of course, I had to make a small purchase:

Wanna see in the bag???

HERE are the contents, purchased from Cary Quilting Company:

If you are in the area, go check them out!  Their new location is FABULOUS (and SEW is their selection of fabrics and notions!!)

TUESDAY - A hair appointment and Girls Night Out filled my day.  Speaking of Girls Night Out...  I delivered the skirt that I've been working on.  Here is what I (unexpectedly) got in return:

This beautiful handspun yarn, along with a (re-gifted) gift card to my favorite local consignment shop.  Thanks, T!!  I seriously think that I got the better end of this arrangement!  I will be looking for a pattern to do your yarn justice and hoping for time to do shopping for a fun item to spend my gift card.  I appreciate your generosity.

WEDNESDAY - Today is the day!  I'm going to stay home and sew.  But wait, what's this?  A cry for help from a dear friend. Sigh... so much for sewing.

Speaking of sewing...

Sewing great, Nancy Zieman passed away yesterday.  She was the voice of all things sewing for many years.  If you are "of a certain age" and you do any kind of sewing, you probably remember her. She had battled cancer for a number of years and is now at peace.

THURSDAY - Weekly Quilt Group had an emergency change of venue today.  Special thanks to Britt for stepping in to host!

I worked on one of my current commissions:

Basting removal... Yippee!!  Here's a better (?) look at the quilt:

I showed off this little mug rug:

... And put it to work:

You can read more about the making of this little quilt in my Design Floor Friday post for this week.

FRIDAY - I went to Sweater Class and then joined friends for an afternoon of Holiday sewing.  We had a great time making a table runner:

... And napkins:

More on these items in an upcoming post...

SATURDAY - The days pass SEW quickly!  Here we are at Angela's LINK PARTY, again.  The party started a bit late, as she went for her last long run before her next half marathon. Go, Ang! 

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. What a busy week! I hope you get some good relaxation and family time in during the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays.

  2. I love how your mug rug turned out! I went and looked at your Friday post, too. Looks like fun to make!

  3. A cute mug rug finish to a surprising week.

  4. Wonderful accomplishments in spite of a busy start to the week!

  5. We should call you "Driving Miss Joyful", lol. Happy to hear some of your friends do appreciate all the time and energy you so generously give. Enjoy the gifts! Love the commission quilt and the little mug rug. Thank goodness for some sewing on Friday. Congrats on your finishes. ;^)

  6. Sounds like another busy week. Hope DH is doing much better this weekend and you actually get a chance to stitch some.

  7. Looks like you had a great week! Love your mug rug :) xx

  8. My head is still spinning after reading all that. I don't know how you manage to squeeze in all that wonderful sewing, but sure love that you did. Wouldn't the cover of that planner make an awesome quilt?!?

  9. I thought I was busy! I hope you get a little sewing in this week - you know while the turkey is cooking!

  10. A busy week for sure, with little bits of quilty fun.


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