Saturday, December 3, 2022

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC22 - Week 48

Welcome to Week 48 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week...  Was a complete blur.  Let's see if I might be able to piece together a post for you.

Guess what???

There was a bit of scrappy sewing involved.  Yay, me!  Read on...

SUNDAY - Zooming with Knittingsuek started my week off right:

And then...

I dug into my 1" strip drawer for Dark NEUTRAL scraps - with some (faded) denim blue in the mix:

It seems that I've lost my knack for precision sewing with all the improv I've been doing:

I enjoyed sewing for Cynthia's new charity project, but then I moved on to a quick art project:

MONDAY - Mini Monday

Here's a taste of what you'll see in the post linked above:

I believe I mentioned last week that I'm working full time thru the holidays.  Things have been busy, but I was able to do a quick Wordle in three...

Leaving to a beautiful sunset is my favorite part of the holiday craziness:

TUESDAY - Work today, followed by this glorious sunset...

And this enormous flock of black birds while picking up dinner...

... On the way to my Monthly Evening Quilt Bee tonight:

These two didn't want to leave their knitting to join the rest of us for our group photo:

A hint at the eye popping color in that post:

At work, I got a big surprise...

WHAT?!?!  TWO screens!!!  There's a sharp learning curve, as this is the first time I've EVER had to manage more than a single monitor.  All while training a new customer service representative?  Here's what I thought about that:

During my lunch break, I completed the Quordle of the day... The ONLY one this week:

Dark clouds rolled in, but there was still a hint of a sunset:

I went straight home and got there just in time for my delayed (and abbreviated) Zoom call with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color:

THURSDAY - After yesterday's cold front moved in, I was treated to another lovely sunset on my way home this evening:

FRIDAY - The skies were sunny for most of the day and afternoon temperatures were in the mid-60's.  As evening approached the clouds thickened, but there was still a hint of a sunset on the horizon when I left work for the day:

After dinner, I enjoyed playing with some paper scraps.  These cards were embellished with the orchid images that Britt shared with me at our meeting on Tuesday.  I fussy cut some, left a few torn, and others got rounded corners to match my cards:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I hope you will join me in visiting Angela @ So Scrappy to see what the RSC Quilters have been up to this week.  I'll meet you there, but first, I wanted to share the rainbow that appeared on my wall earlier this week:

Until next time...


  1. You will figure out those 2 screens and never want to go back. LOL You have such a busy life, but it appears you also have a great balance between work and creativity.

  2. You've had some beautiful sunsets there, Joy! That is a good thing about this time of year - we can enjoy the sunsets! So great you made some blocks for Cynthia, too. Glad you are continuing to enjoy paper crafting so much!

  3. What a week! The two monitors must be an interesting thing, but so often I wish I had more "real estate". Love your expression!

  4. how nice to meet your bee in person again.
    work is just so.... daily....

  5. Not sure how I missed Cynthia's post about her block drive. But I've signed up for her newsletter and will definitely make some blocks when I get back to my machine. I con't always donate whole quilts, but I CAN do blocks! Thanks for the link. Missed the sunsets lately, because of the mountain to the west of our son's house. But the sunrises have been pretty awesome!
    I'll bet two monitors is a bit of a learning curve. WOW! Good luck and training a new co-worker is always a challenge.

  6. Two screens, oh dear, do hope it doesn't take you too long go work it all out. I'm sure your boss thinks you are perfectly capable!

  7. Talk about ups and downs--what a good week!

  8. I think 2 screens would drive me crazy. My SIL actually works with three!!! YIKES! I didn't know you were working full-time thru the holidays. Glad you can enjoy the sunsets bc f/t work would stink this time of year with the shortened days. Hope your weekend is restful.

  9. Seeing your busy week wears me out! And, you make me feel grateful to be retired. We just got home from a long trip to visit family. Hope you can keep up this pace through holiday preparations too. Thank God for beautiful skies that remind us of His presence, and what Christmas is about.

  10. What a fun week!!! Two screens would be tough
    the blocks are you making look fun!

  11. Loved reading your post, Joyful. You are a busy engaged gal doing creative, fun activities on the side as it were. I like your improv sense influencing what you create. And thanks for the photos of your skies too. My hubby has 3 computer screens going; I haven't a clue how he manages that.

  12. That Wordle and Quordle can pull you in and make you come back every morning!

  13. Definitely a busy week. You'll like two monitors, especially if you have to review a lot of spreadsheets. I had that kind of set up at work, it was wonderful. Have a great weekend.

  14. You know, Joy, improvisation is everything. There are no road maps in life and precision is overrated, in my opinion. Have a happy Sunday!


  15. You know, Joy, improvisation is everything. There are no road maps in life and precision is overrated, in my opinion. Have a happy Sunday!

    Will you please delete the previous comment. My browsers are playing hide and seek with me. See, that is what I mean about precision.


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