Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Wonderful Wednesday - Nature Baby - A UFO Club Finish

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Today I'm here to share another recent quilt finish.  Another UFO to be marked off my list.  It's been in process for more months than I would care to admit.

The top...

Was shared HERE on the blog a year ago.  Can you believe it?!  As happens from time to time, the project sat.  It waiting for quilting inspiration, for our house move, for the longarm to be serviced, and for the new studio to become fully functional.

For the quilting...

I search the internet looking for inspiration.  Back in October, I found it!  I was inspired by the work of students in a Jenny K. Lyon 3-day quilting class.  The project worked its way to the top of the priority list.  With my great-nephew's first birthday approaching, the longarm ready for free motion, and an idea about how I wanted to quilt the quilt, it was loaded on the frame:

I didn't get very far before hitting a snag when my hopping foot caught the edge of a 3-D Flying Goose.  Never fear!  A little bit of surgical stitch removal had me off and running again:

I quilted in "wind" in the sky:

Trees on the mountainside:

Tree trunks on the lakeshore:

Ripples on the lake...

... And ran out of bobbin with only the bottom borders to quilt:

A short while later, the quilting was done:

Only a couple of thread tails to bury once the quilt came off the rails:

The finishing...

There looked to be just enough of the neutral Grunge to do the binding:

Once that was prepared, I began stitching it on:

When I was almost done with that, it became clear that I had LOST at a game of Bobbin Chicken that I hadn't realized I was playing:

That's OK...

Because I was the WINNER of the game of Binding Chicken by a mere one-half inch:

With that connected and the last bit sew on, I flipped the quilt over and started sewing the binding down on the front by machine:

This is the completed quilt, draped over our front porch swing:

Here's hoping that "Baby" E will enjoy his "Aunt Joy Quilt."  Each of his first cousins have one of their own, so I couldn't leave him out (even though his parents aren't "into" quilts.)

Until next time...

Wrap a loved one in a quilt!!!


  1. I think panels make great baby quilts! And this one may convince the parents that quilts are pretty cool! Nice finish, Joy!

  2. Such a cool nature scene quilt! Filled with lots of great quilting. That child will grow to love the outdoors.

  3. Congratulations on winning with your finish! Even though the hopping foot, bobbin, and binding all gave you challenges, you persevered & won! Yay!!!

  4. Binding chicken doesn't often seem to end up in the favor of the quilter. Good for you! I was about 5" short last time, and hate having seams that close together in the binding. That is a really interesting and beautiful quilt.

  5. Nice finish! You are doing great this quarter.

  6. You sure had plenty of excuses for that particular quilt not getting done sooner! The quilting is really cool. Those games of "chicken" look like fun. I guess you're only allowed one win per project. LOL

  7. You really brought this panel quilt to life! Hooray!

  8. Great idea for using a panel...and I loved all the different quilting motifs! Sending "may you always win at Bobbin Chicken" vibes!!

  9. Oh no!!! His parents are not into quilts??? Gosh, how did they make a baby without one??? Boggles my mind, cause you need a babymaker. In any case, I am glad that the baby has Auntie Joy to rescue him :-)

  10. That is impressive, Joy! I think baby will truly enjoy Aunt Joy Quilt.


  11. Baby E will love that quilt! Glad you were able to overcome your initial oops on the flying geese. You chose some really fun quilting motifs, too. Hooray for another finish.


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