Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Sew Saturday in Clayton - The Extended Version

This week's Wonderful Wednesday post went incognito.  Enjoy!

Sew Saturday in Clayton - The Extended Version!!  You got the details last week about my sewing event.  What you didn't see was what came next.

In Garner!!


My long lost friend, Kat, lives not far from where I spent the day sewing.  I stopped off in her town on the way home.  Shopping at a Big Box Store that I don't have in my town and getting a snack for the ride home was on the agenda.


I wondered if she even lived in the same house anymore and decided to drive over to check it out.  It's been YEARS since we'd seen each other and I've really missed her.

Well worth the risk, don't you think?!

Needless to say, she was surprised to see me at her door, but ushered me into the living room (just like old times.)  We had a wonderful chat and I got a chance to catch up on some of the projects I've missed since I've been away.


Kat completed her Roll, Roll Cotton Boll by Bonnie Hunter:

It is SEW gorgeous with the color balance switched up!!!

Next up was Quilt Show, a group project that I have yet to assemble my own.  I made the Honey Bee Block in the top RIGHT corner:

Finally, she shared a few of her recent projects...

This bag was made for Kat's Running Club:

It's got a HUGE pocket on the outside:

Watch as she folds the sides in and the bottom up...

And folds it, again...

Straightening the edges, as necessary...

Until only the bottom of the pocket remains:

Like magic, you've got tote bag the size of a clutch:

Kat's also making (knitting) project bags in 3 sizes:

Old friends with a new kitty:

Until next time...
Reunions are SEW sweet!!!


  1. She looks like she could be your sister. Clever bag.

  2. How nice to catch up with an old friend! And a clever, crafty, cat loving friend at that :)

  3. Nice that you could pop in with an old friend and be right back there in friendship days. Great quilt show!

  4. What a lovely impromptu visit! Thanks for the virtual quilt show.

  5. Quilty friends are the best. Glad you got to visit and share some precious time with her :-)

  6. I see your blog daily, it is crispy to study.
    Your blog is very useful for me & i like so much...
    Thanks for sharing the good information!

  7. Catching up with old friends is the best. Kat has some gorgeous finishes there.


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