Saturday, July 21, 2018

Scraphappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 29

Welcome to Week 29 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week got off to a bang and then eased to a close.  Read all about it here...

SUNDAY - Mt. Washmore awaits, but first, I have to finish the binding on Dad's Ties for Molly.  In the photo below, I am attaching it, but I missed some spots.  Please notice the RED square, front and center, in honor of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Color of the Month for July:

MONDAY - Tonight was Quilt Guild.  Guess what I took for Show and Tell?!?!  That's right, the tie quilt AND this newly completed donation quilt to turn it to our Charity program coordinator:

Approximately 45" x 65"

TUESDAY - It's Girls Night Out tonight and an old friend has finally agreed to join in the fun.  She's been promising to attend for MONTHS, but finally got around to a spare moment.  I also got a tour of her beautiful new home.  Congrats, Jenn!!  :o))

WEDNESDAY - It was a really good day.  DS1 came home for the day.  He had some business to take care of, but then headed back to Raleigh before dinner.  Did you know that he had moved out?  I thought that I mentioned it, but it's possible that I might have forgotten to share.  Either way, it was good to see him.  And...

It was good to see him go (with another load of his stuff!!)  I say that with the utmost love for him!

THURSDAY - Today was a LONG day that didn't turn out the way I had planned.  I had visions of a pedicure in my schedule, but that didn't happen.  No worries!  Tomorrow is another day.

I did manage to squeeze in some quilt work before dinner, when I loaded the back of a client quilt onto the frame...

... And I went for a lovely walk with my DH after dinner.  I also released this week's Wonderful Wednesday post (a bit late.)

FRIDAY - Knit Group met this morning and I played with RED scraps in the afternoon:

SATURDAY - Nimble Thimbles meet today.  Here's hoping that I manage to join Angela's LINK PARTY before heading out the door!  If not, I will link up later and will catch up on all of the RSC Quilters tomorrow.

While at my Monthly Quilt Bee meeting, I shared my newly completed commission quilt, Dad's Ties for Molly:

Approximately 50" x 65"

People who have seen the quilt were astounded that I was able to get 6.5" of usable fabric out of men's neck ties.  (There were a few that were creatively pieced.)  LINK provided above.

Until next time...


  1. Your tie quilt is delightful; I'm just having difficulty imagining meeting someone WEARING one of these designs round his neck! I remember once interviewing a man with Santas turning cartwheels on his tie - I had difficulty concentrating on the matter in hand.

  2. Another busy, busy week. Ties for Molly quilt is really fun. Hope you have time for some stitching this weekend.

  3. I love the tie quilt, and had the same thought as Marly about someone wearing some of those ties! They make a fun quilt, though!

  4. Okay, now tell us-- *how* did you get 6-1/2 inches out of the ties? Those must have been some really wide ties!

  5. Hope you had a blast at Nimble Thimbles today. Love the pastels on the longarm. Glad your son is taking a box at a time. Good for him! I didn't know you could get that much out of a tie either. Woohoo. The little charity quilt is adorable! Have a great week, Joy! You've been busy for sure.

  6. You got a lot done this week! Hope the pedicure happened... I think I need to take Emily and I out for one today. Congrats on one leaving the nest.... I still remember my Mom visiting when we lived in VT with a box of 'stuff' every once in a while. Somehow I am the only one of 5 kids with everything out... except the drawer of warm clothes I left up with them for visits.

  7. I swear your middle name is 'Zoom'!
    Years ago I had a job where all staff wore a tie - men and women, both. MY ties tended toward the ridiculously colorful and fun. If I still had them, I'd want to make a quilt like yours!

  8. Congrats on finishing the ties! They really look great and I'll bet Molly is pleased as punch :)

  9. You're a busy lady and still maneage to squeeze in some lovely projects.Well done with the ties!


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