Friday, May 26, 2017

Design Floor Friday - Symposium Edition

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  As you may recall, I spent several days in Raleigh last week for the North Carolina Quilt Symposium.  I also took along a project (or two) in order to create a mini-retreat during the evenings.  Before the sewing commenced, I "did the show" with one of my quilting buddies (from my old bee.)

This was part of the wall art in the hotel room and I am often inspired by images of the alphabet:

New fabric is also an inspiration, especially when it involves a FREE fat quarter, shown rolled up on the right in the photo below:

Remember what I said about the alphabet?  Well, I found FQs with words and numbers:

A fellow show-shopper was sporting THIS adorable Rainbow Bag and shared how it was made:

The next best thing to quilting with friends is taking in a Quilt Show:

This was the Innova booth.  It had a display of REALLY cool quilts:

Enough shopping!!  Back to the quilts...

Look at the quilting on this one:

Sorry!!  The maker tag came out blurry:

Here is photo of (nearly) the full quilt...

... Along with a close-up of some of the block work:

One of the lovely Raffle Quilts on display outside the show:

Sure wish this was MY license plate!!!

A quick photo of my Summer "purse liner" with some GREEN:

A feather "tattoo" was applied so that I could return to the show:

A funky topiery in Cameron Village made of GREENery:

TIME to pack it in and go SEW!!  Enough time on my feet, already:

But WAIT!!  This was supposed to be about the design floor...

First up, laying out the squares of the T-quilt:

Design floor... design bed... what-EVER!!!

After laying it all out, I began setting up my sewing machine:

Then came banging my head on the table (once I realized that I had left my thread at home!)


I moved on, setting up my cutting station to work on the X blocks for one of my RSC projects:

Only to realize that I had left my RULER at home, too!!!

Thus caving to the desire for Krispy Kreme doughnuts...

... And started to work on my blog posts about Symposium:

Once Libby returned from class, she brought me some thread:

Hooray!!  I finally got some work done.  Whew!!

Until next time...
Bring thread!!!

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  1. Too funny! So glad the donuts were there to help you out =).


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