Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday - NC Quilt Symposium Edition - Day One

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week, I am singing the praises of Durham Orange Quilters Guild and the North Carolina Quilt Symposium.  I haven't attended Symposium in quite some years, but DOQ was the host guild this year and it was only (one more) trip to Raleigh.  (As you may recall, I was just there twice in one week to retrieve DS1 from NCSU for Summer Break.)

The people responsible for the hang did a phenomenal job!!  I "worked the show" Thursday afternoon and all day Friday.  Each time I went through, I noticed a quilt that I hadn't spotted on my last pass.

Photos were taken during the first two days of the show and they are presented in no particular order.  Yes, I realize that this IS a photo-heavy post...

This quilt was the first to reach out and grab me.  It embraced the the theme for the show, Building Friendships - Building Skills, with the use of Friendship Star blocks.  Of course, the super-scrappy selvage blocks probably helped draw me in:

Maker tag:

You may not be able to see the texture of the fabric on the "wrinkly" side of the ironing board, but the "irony" side is obviously flat and smooth:

Apologies to the quilts maker, as the tag is blurred.  It was made for a challenge and the theme was **irony**.  I bet the organizers didn't see this depiction coming!!

Ties turned into a quilt:

Maker tag:

Some time must have passed  between the last photo and this one, as I took a shot of the maker tag BEFORE the quilt...

This quilt celebrates a special breed of people:

FINALLY, this quilt's maker was revealed:

Our quilt bee saw this quilt during the quilting process, as the quilter is a member and she wanted to bounce a design idea off the group:

The quilting turned out beautifully:

Just inside the door...

... Was THIS stunning Bargello quilt:

I'm still wondering if anyone spotted the surprise!!

I couldn't resist a shot of this adorable village:

Again, I switched my photo sequence...

The evening cityscape quilt's maker tag:

This photo is for my friends from the RSC Quilters:

There was some fine longarm quilting on it:


And... Here is the maker tag:

A fellow NT Nights beemate created this beauty:

Maker tag:

A mini and its maker tag in one shot:

Have you ever seen a fairy garden quilt?

Well, this one is a gnome home:

Along with its maker tag:

A grouping of challenge quilts...

I couldn't decide, but this one might have been my favorite:

Maker tag:

A group of thread painted life-like cats by Karen West:

A raw-edge appliqued landscape, best viewed at a distance:

Maker tag:

Stamping, painting and dyeing, anyone???

Another landscape, but VERY different construction:

Same maker:

En Provence, anyone???

Its maker:

Kaffe-esque, but tamed:

Maker tag:

Do you BQ???

I love the big, bold print paired with black and white:

Maker tag:

50 may have been a year or two ago, but this quilt is timeless:

Maker tag:

Hilary will like this one:

Maker tag:

Here is another textural piece:

The maker tag:

That's it for today's show post.  I hope you enjoyed the quilts that I photographed.  Please come back next week for another look at the 2017 North Carolina Quilt Symposium show.

Until next time...
Quilt happy!!!


  1. Wow!! Lots of beautiful quilts there, thanks for sharing. Didn't find the surprise sadly. Love the gnome home.

  2. Fun seeing the quilts through your eyes. It was a great show!

  3. Thanks for sharing the eye candy! I just visited Libby's blog and saw you went together. How fun! I love the star quilt and the kaffe-esque quilt!

  4. What beautiful work! Thanks for sharing Joy.

  5. yay! love seeing these quilts again.


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