Saturday, December 17, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 51

Welcome to Week 51 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  The plan for this week was to get ONE of my RSC projects put together.  The reality was...

SUNDAY - Still reeling from yesterday's quilt-heavy day, I did MORE quilty stuff today!  My friend, Britt, and I went to the Thimble Pleasures SALE for the 40% discount.  I did some MAJOR damage!!  First, on some stash enhancement:

Next, I went back through looking for pieces to add to my BH Mystery selections:

Then, I went back one more time to pick up some of the fabric that I had been drooling over for months:

When I got home, I was excited about my purchases and that excitement translated into... SEWING!!!




Ready for embellishment:

Mine are a little different from Amanda Jean's, as I chose NOT to make them using her paper piecing techniques.  I used her pattern as a guideline for making the blocks using traditional piecing.  Her way might be more precise, but my way causes me less frustration!

MONDAY - There's nothing like Knit Group to get my work-week off to a good start!

Sewing began as soon as I hit the door and before long, my Coffee Take-Out Cups were quilted and personalized for their recipients:

TUESDAY - Today was a Stay-at-Home day.  I worked on finishing (binding and labeling) these O Christmas Tree quilts. EIGHT of them!!  Here is a look at the progress made...

The first one:

And the stack waiting to have the binding closed up and stitched down, but that will have to wait for later:


I just remembered that I had an appointment to get to.  Oops!!

When I returned, I worked on finishing the Coffee Ornaments.  HERE they are waiting, to be stuffed and sewn closed:

Now, I just have to decide what fill material to use or if I want to keep them flat.  What would YOU do???

WEDNESDAY - Another Stay-at-Home day where I didn't actually end up staying home!!

DS1 arrived home for the holidays... all I had to do was take him and his driver out to lunch.  She got a BIG hug and a tin of Moose Munch, as a thank you for the extra TWO HOURS that I got to spend sewing instead of driving!!  :o))

I completed and delivered these ornaments.  Sorry!!  I didn't end up having time to wait to see what YOU had to say.  Just look how cute they are on our tree:

(Since it was actually Girls Night Out... can't forget that!!!)


I didn't want to bind off, so I started a new project!!  Well, technically, my friend Cindy started it for me... TWICE.  She made the "magic ball" AND she did the provisional cast on for me.  (Thank you, Cindy!!!)  I took it from there... and proceeded :

THURSDAY - My weekly Quilt Group met today. I showed off my Christmas Tree mini quilts:

FRIDAY - Today was spent with out-of-town guests.  DS2 arrived home for the holidays. Other than that, My Christmas Magic Cowl grew a bit while everyone was visiting:

SATURDAY - One of the LAST of Angela's LINK PARTY days for 2016 and all I had to show was...


Sorry, Angela!  I absolutely LOVE the RSC, but this week I was concentrating on gift quilting.  Perhaps, NEXT week will be the week that I dive into my rainbow projects.  Maybe THIS one:

Follow that link to see what some of the other RSC Quilters finished up during the last week.  I'll be right behind you!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. whee!!! I wanna come play with you. I adore the free stitched coffee cups a lot! Now I want to do them with fun prints too. Forget white! Altho the initials are very special.The new fabrics are great. And 40% off, well, I might have gone cwazy too. LeeAnna

  2. Love the photo of the pile of tree quilts! You are having such great fun!

  3. Your coffee cup ornaments look great, and I love the pile of trees, too! What fun you will have gifting them!

  4. Your ornaments look great. And I love those mini tree quilts.

  5. Look at all those lovelies! You had a busy busy week!
    (I cheated on an RSC finish by making it part of my gift-sewing! Two birds, one rock, and all that...)

  6. Wow! I fell like I need to scroll through a second time to remember all the things I wanted to say. The coffee cups are darling, I'm glad the boys are home, and I love that you were a sewing machine this week.

  7. I could tell where most of that fabric is going! Love the coffee mugs and don't blame you for not doing paper piecing on something as simple as that.

  8. Those little cup ornaments are so cute on the tree. And it looks like you are probably finishing off those bindings as fast as you can.

  9. Oh I LOVE those little ornaments!! Great job!! And what a fun week you had!!

  10. That's quite a week. The coffee mug ornaments are very fun and cute. You did a great job of getting done what had to get done. Hope you have some time for some fun stitching this week.


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