Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - Tree Lot Edition

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  In this edition I'll be taking you on a tour through my adventure (obsession?) of the past three weeks.  It started with THIS one tree:

As I cut for that ONE tree, I got the idea that it would be just as easy to make EIGHT trees instead of just one.  That thought ultimately lead to The Tree Lot series:

Thank you, Kevin the Quilter, for the inspiration and the
easy-to-follow tutorial to go along with it!!

After the original eight were done, it was determined that I really needed FOUR more trees!!  So I pulled more fabric and cut MORE block components.  These have natural tones for their backgrounds:

HERE are three of the final FOUR:

 THIS is the final tree.  Its quilting was modeled after a tree spotted over on Kathy's Quilts:

You may be wondering why I'm making such a BIG deal about how each of these were quilted.

What's up, Joyful??


If you look closely, you will see that EVERY tree is quilted differently.  Yep!!  That's TWELVE different quilting designs.  Take a look at the following photos for "picture proof" of the variety...

My standard double loops with "tree quilting" to accentuate that section and a funky star on top:

Your basic allover meander in the background with a star atop the tree to add interest and "ornaments" quilted within its "branches":

Then, I thought I might try a version of "match stick" quilting:

This tree received outline quilting like Diann over on 
Little Penguin Quilts blog who followed my link HERE:

Thank you, again, for the shout out Diann!!

For future reference, don't try vertical match stick quilting without first basting the quilt WELL... no matter HOW small the quilt is:

Hmm... let's try ditch quilting:

You might consider this  one to be cheating, but it REALLY is different from the other tree quilted with a starburst design:

Then I went a bit crazy and tried a new-to-me holly design found recently at The Inbox Jaunt.  Not only did I try it with very little practice, as seen in my 6" x 6" sample shown below...

I also adapted the design to fit within the area of the quilt corners:

Thank you, Lori Kennedy, for giving me the confidence to try this at home.  Not bad, huh?  Go on and take a look!  I also put my own spin on the quilting within the actual tree.  Another tutorial along the same lines can be found at  A closer look:

What else can I try?  Let's see.  An allover e's and o's meander:

A different variation of loops and swirls with Kathy's tree quilting and an asterisk star on top:

Scroll back a few trees to see if you can spot the difference in the two starburst quilting patterns:

This tree sports a true allover meander with a star on top.  Dull and boring for the last tree on the lot, but YOU try quilting TWELVE mini trees with a different pattern in each.  You might find that your last one looks like this one, too:

Another detail (that doesn't really show) is that EACH TREE was stuffed with SCRAP batting and bound with SCRAP binding!!

ALL of it from previous quilts, with the exception of ONE that I cut from the green SCRAP pile sitting on my ironing station waiting to be cut into squares for, what else, MORE trees:

Oh, WAIT!!  That one wasn't long enough, so I went BACK to the binding drawer in my Scrap Center and chose another piece of scrap binding that WOULD work.  I forgot about that!!


I give you The Tree Lot Series.

I'm linking up with Oh! Scrap! at Quilting is more fun than Housework because...

ALL of these trees were


So, Angela... Maybe you should have one Color of the Month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge be "Holiday" colored!!!

If YOU want a more contemporary tree...

Follow THIS LINK to Diary of a Quilter, where Amy will walk you through the simplified piecing of her Modern Christmas Tree.

Until next time...
Fa la la la la!!!


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  2. Your trees look great! LOVE that you quilted them all differently and explained them to us. What a fun project. Have an awesome holiday!

  3. Oh! My! Word! Look at you go! You are so talented, and the quilting looks great on all of the trees! Seeing all of yours together like this makes me think this would be a great quilt still! Merry Christmas!

  4. They all look great, Joy. Thanks for showing us details of each one! christina

  5. Look at you go!!! You got the machine plugged in ( just kidding) I LOVE them!!

  6. These are wonderful! Great variety on the quilting. What a great way to use up those leftovers. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  7. How fun! A forest of mini trees to try all your FMQ motifs. I laughed at the last one with the all over stipple. Yup, I've defaulted to that when my brain just couldn't think of even a single more motif. Good thing stipple is a classic :)


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