Monday, December 5, 2016

Mystery Monday Link-up! En Provence! Part 2!!

Welcome to Part TWO of the En Provence Mystery!!  With a new clue comes a new color.  Bonnie called for use of our "constant" fabric.  In her case, this is the magenta.  In my quilt this will be ???

As usual, we were given several methods for making this week's units.  Thank you, Bonnie, for NOT making me paper piece!!!  :o))

THAT was the GOOD news.

The BAD news, is that I didn't get ANY piecing done!!


When I mentioned that I didn't know what color my "magenta" would be...

That was BEFORE my decision was finalized!!!

I've taken care of the task and HERE are my selections:

Dark Brown, Light Brown, Orange, Rust/ Burgundy, and Gold

NOTE:  The putty color on the right will be substituted for something a bit more interesting, but I didn't have time to excavate beneath the sewing table.  Don't worry!  I'll find it later.

Thank you to my friend, Helena, for suggesting an Autumn themed quilt to represent my life for the past several months.

Why is that, Joyful???

THREE trips were made to the mountains with THREE sets of friends in the last THREE months!!  The more I thought about the idea, the more I liked it.  Autumn in Provence (or Carolina!) sounds like a good name for the quilt this will eventually become. 
Wouldn't you agree??

Follow THIS LINK to see the variety of colors being used by other quilters.  You are sure to be amazed.

Until next time...
Be mysterious!!!


  1. I think it is an excellent name for a quilt. Personally, I think you need some blue in there, just a touch, because in Autumn the sky is blue. Good luck with the fabric hunt. ;^)

  2. I'll look forward to seeing your autumn quilt come together. It will be a nice contrast to the pink and purple versions.

  3. Oh, that's going to be fun! I'm looking forward to seeing your Autumn en Provence!

  4. I love your colors for this quilt. I keep debating with myself whether to being this or not. So far I haven't but I'm saving links to all the posts. I know I'll have to either print them or save them digitally because Bonnie will remove them within a few months. I can't bring myself to use purple but I can't seem to decide on other colors, either. And then there's the timing....


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