Monday, December 26, 2016

Mystery Monday Link-Up! En Provence! Part 5

Welcome to Part FIVE of the En Provence Mystery!!  The mystery is brought to us by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame.  She has hosted this reader appreciation QAL for a number of years now. This is my THIRD year of participation.  Thank you, Bonnie, for taking my mind off holiday tasks for a little while each week!!

This year's quilt is providing my first experience with the Tri-Recs Tool.  In years past, I have avoided quilts incorporating units such as these.  Because of Bonnie and her video tutorial, I will no longer have to shy away from these triangle units.  Hooray for stretching my quilting muscles!!!

Since  the Part FOUR Link-Up, I have made some progress on my (abbreviated) version of En Provence:

LAST MONDAY - I joined over a hundred "Bonniacs" from around the globe in showing our progress for Clue Four of En Provence.  After last week's Link-Up, I decided that I should put in some time one Clues 1 and 3.  Not a LOT of time, but I made a few more of each 4-Patch.

TUESDAY - With the last of my Tree Lot minis complete, I made the rest of my 4-Patch units for Clues 1 and 3.  Progress is good:

And look at me, I even managed to SPIN the centers!!!  :o))

WEDNESDAY - Since the 4-Patch units were done, it was time to turn my attention to the triangle units.  HERE is what I got done:

THURSDAY - After my Quilt Bee's Holiday Luncheon, I finished up the rest of my triangle units.  Well, all the ones I'm planning to do before Bonnie's BIG reveal:

FRIDAY - Part FIVE of En Provence was released today.  This clue brought our Essential Triangle Tools into action.  Hooray!! There is a VIDEO to help us negotiate its use (to make HSTs with our darks and neutrals.)

But first, I did just a few more triangle units:

SATURDAY - I spent the day wrapping Christmas gifts.  Clue 5 will just have to wait for another day!!

SUNDAY - I spent the afternoon and evening sewing (since we didn't travel this year.)  Now, I give you Clue 5:

Yes!!  They REALLY are blue and brown.

My success with these units and the use of my new Easy Angle ruler, is due to a demonstration of the technique provided by my friend, Libby from Life on the Hill blog, who took time out at Mountain Quilt Camp this Fall to show me how to use that tool.

Thanks again, Libby!!!

That brings us to today's Link-Up.  I hope YOU got a LOT done... in spite of the Holiday weekend!  I'll tell you this much, I for one, am THRILLED with my progress.  :o))

I even used up a fair amount of my small scraps from Clues 1 - 5:

ONE Slab Block in blue and brown.

Until next time...
Be Mysterious!!!


  1. I seem to recall training you in the spin technique. Glad to see you're putting it to good use. I'm still catching up on Clue 3. Had to stop to watch the VANDY/NC State game. Sorry, too many Vandy grads in the family for me not to root for them.

  2. You should be thrilled as you have made some EXCELLENT progress. I didn't! I have cut some fabric for part 4 and that what it. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not, hehehe! ;^)

  3. You have made really good progress. I have only downloaded and printed out the instructions. I hope to start my version soon!

  4. Way to go! I've been downloading the instructions and will see what I think of the final quilt before I start anything.

  5. Good going on the TriRecs blocks. I did them for my RSC16 twinklers but struggled. Bonnie's tute on those cleared up all my confusion. Thank you, Bonnie. They are now simple for me and for others also.


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