Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - The Carol Woods Edition

Late in May, I packed up my bag, again, and headed for Carol Woods Retirement Center.  It was just me this time (representing the Durham Orange Quilters Guild.)  That's fine, though.  I have a TON of quilts to share!!

My bag was stuffed:

With the following quilts...

Make Mine Mocha:

Made for my Dad's 75th birthday.

My Beach Quilt:

This came from the very first quilt retreat that I ever attended.  The Sun, The Sand, & The Joyful Quilters.  A weekend getaway with my (then) Quilt Bee.  We traded fabrics and learned how to use an Easy Angle Ruler.  Thanks, Tiffany!!

Kid to Kid:

That was the best name that I could think of for the quilt I started as a Mystery Quilt, along with the members of the Lakewood Centennial Quilters, when I was pregnant with DS1 and completed it while pregnant with DS2 (who graduate from high school tomorrow.)

At the Auction:

A friend of a friend passed away, leaving this quilt partially finished.  It ended up at the Capital Quilters Guild Auction, where I decided to bid on it for practice with machine quilting.  (It appealed to me for two reasons, the quilt was made with fabric that I used for Mo O's wedding quilt AND it was a Yellow Brick Road quilt by Atkinson Designs - a favorite of mine at the time!)

Older and Bolder Jacket:

I turned 40 and decided that I wanted a brighter quilted jacket (than the one that I gave my friend Elaine when we moved from our first house in North Carolina.)

2015 Dye Challenge:

My friend, Jean, taught us all how to do Gelli Printing (and then issued a challenge for us to MAKE SOMETHING with one of our prints.  Challenge MET!!!)

Circle Mini - Inspired by Kris7's (?) photo on Ravelry:

A Ravelry friend posted photos from a quilt show.  I loved the circle-y one and made the design my own using a raw edge applique technique (and scrap fabrics.)

The Mystery of Nature:

This quilt was begun at a group Sew Day when DS2 was less than one month old.  Friends played "pass the baby" while I sewed.

Bathing Beauties Bag:

Fabric from and Applique done by my friend, Tiffany, bag made by me.

Zentangle - Original Design:

The art of Zentangle intrigued me... so I turned that into a quilting design.

Racing to the Candy Dish - Original Design:

This little quilt uses my own hand-dyed fabrics (made during my Quilt Bee's first Dye Frenzy.)

16 Winters - Original Design:

This project started off as a Mug Rug for a swap, but DS1 claimed it and asked me to make another one for the swap.  With a request like that, what's a Mom to do?!?!

South Carolina Surprise Jacket by Knittingsuek - finishing by me:

I gave up most of a weekend retreat to help my friend, Knittingsuek, make this jacket (using her favorite cotton sweatshirt inside.)  Once she got it put together, she decided that she didn't like the fit... it fits me PERFECTLY!!!  :o))

SNT Spring Fling - Swap Blocks set in an Original Design:

This quilt started out as a Block Swap with my Wednesday Quilt Bee.  I don't recall how I decided on the setting, but I knew that I wanted to finish off the "rings" to completed the design.  Look closely!  Do you see the quilted hand prints?  Those belong to DS1 at age 7 and DS2 at age 5.  I traced their hands on freezer paper and pressed the paper onto the quilt to do the outline quilting.  (The boys are turning into young men.  They are 20 and 17 this year!!)

(Like last time and) In the interest of "keeping it real"...

My photos were taken after-the-fact, but I thought it might me nice to have a record of the quilts I've shared with the residents.  There have been discussions about canceling the program, but I plan to continue my visits until I run out of quilts for them to enjoy.

Until next time...
Air the Quilts!!!


  1. You make beautiful work. Lots of different style to see, learn and talk about. I'm sure the residents appreciate this interesting, colourful interruption in their days. Hope the program survives. ;^)

  2. How lovely to take your quilts along to entertain the residents of the rest home. I'm sure a lot of the ladies did quilting and stitching in their younger days too.
    Thanks for popping in and visiting my blog.


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