Saturday, June 4, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 23

Welcome to Week 23 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I've got good news.  I actually sewed this week!!  I made the rest of my GREEN blocks (even my Tiny Nine - once the background fabric was located!) and then got busy choosing my scraps for June.

Here is a recap of the week...

On SUNDAY, I finished up the ONE String Block in GREEN (with a touch of brown) that I started on Saturday night:

With that done, I pulled out scraps for a Maverick Star (also in GREEN - with a bit of brown) and got to work...

Points and a center:

Rows for the block:

Ta! Da!!  ONE Maverick Star Block in GREEN with brown accents:

MONDAY was Memorial Day in the US.  My family observed the holiday by remembering family members who have given their lives in the line of duty (and by consuming traditional holiday fare of hamburgers and hot dogs, along with other picnic foods.)

The remembering and the eating were prefaced by a search for the background fabric for my Tiny Nines.  I'm almost out of it, but the last of it appears to have gotten lost in the shuffle during the Decrapification Project.  :o((

There was also a special edition of Mail Call Monday.  Someone special deserved a BIG thank you! Read about it, if you have time.  It's a short post.

I took time to remember the scrap sewing that I did during GREEN month...

ONE (1) Maverick Star:

ONE (1) Slab Block:

ONE (1) String Block:

ONE (1) Tiny Nine - thanks to my friend, Hilary, who found the background fabric on the sewing table when she came to help me focus long enough to clear it:

Needs a bit more pressing, don't you think?!?!

For a total of 4 blocks made during GREEN month:

Add in the ONE (1) Rainbow Crumb Block:

Which brings my block production to FIVE (5) for the month of May:

Not bad, considering all of the work I've done moving my room around and getting it reorganized!!

Now back to my regular weekly report...

On TUESDAY, I said goodbye to GREEN:

This selection GREEN "bricks" are brought to you compliments of Lori at the Dakota City Quilter.

And hello...

Angela posted June's Color of the Month and if you look all the way to the right on the color card above, you will see what she has in mind.  BLUE tending toward AQUA (with a hint of LIME green!!)

You can also visit the next installment of my Decrapification Project which was posted today.  This edition discusses what I did with the WIPs and UFOs.  You may be surprised by my solution, but I think you'll like it.

WEDNESDAY should have been a stay-at-home day, but you KNOW how that goes!!  In this case, it turned out that I had a dental appointment in the mid-afternoon.  That left PLENTY of time to play in my studio before and after.

THIS is what I did at my monthly evening quilt bee meeting last night:

I arranged the layout of the NEXT commission T-Quilt.  (Help from Britt and Karen. Thx!)

THURSDAY was my weekly Quilt Group... WITHOUT me!!!  :o((  Instead... I had to take the girls to school and spend the day with a new friend.  :o))

But... HERE is what I would have shown, if I'd been there:

 Thanks for sharing your scrappy strips with me, Joanna!!  These were the 2" cuts.

On FRIDAY, I spent the day with my new friend.  We went for a long stroll and enjoyed the summer-like weather.

HERE is what SHOULD have been included in a Design Floor Friday post:

This UNC T-Quilt Commission is ready for quilting... and it might happen SOON!!

SATURDAY is the day for Angela's LINK PARTY.  I joined in to share my scrappy progress.

What progress, Joyful?!?!

Well... pulling out the AQUA scraps will HAVE to do for this week.  :P

Or are these turquoise?!  I'm SEW bad at this part of quilting.  Ugh!!!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. I am glad to see you have time to do some sewing. Who cares what shade of blue they are. Well maybe they are turquoise. Just have fun using your scraps.

  2. I think you have some blue scraps in the shade of fun! lol. enjoy them! ;^)

  3. Love your Maverick Stars! And that t-shirt quilt is fabulous!

  4. A very busy week. I'm wondering how many legs the new friend has?

  5. I'm SEW glad you had a chance to sew this week!

  6. Such a nice batch of green blocks - love the Maverick Star!

  7. A nice group of green blocks. Spending time with a friend beats anything else you can do. Have a fun June!

  8. Ha I haven't even pulled out my aqua scraps yet; actually pulled my blues with a the purple little scraps to make January's row (I only started this row RSC project in March, kind of by accident). Your 5 blocks are too cute! Nice 2" strips too!

  9. What a week you have had ;-) The maverick stars are aweome!!

  10. You have had a busy week! Love those maverick stars. Tee shirt progress looking good. Nice 2" strips.
    I mix my aqua and turquoise scraps ... may actually have and use more turquoise than aqua.


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