Saturday, June 18, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 25

Welcome to Week 25 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  We're coming off the graduation brouhaha.  As we all come back down from the celebratory high, life is beginning to return to normal.  Let's have a look at how my week turned out in the aftermath...

On SUNDAY, our guests departed and DH left for a conference.  I'm not exactly sure WHERE the time went!!  Here's a shot of my manicure with some Color of the Month inspiration in the background, as the nails needed to remain neutral for last week's graduation ceremony:

MONDAY was Knit Group, however, we only had a small group show up.  That's OK!  The rest of us got some work done, as we chatted about life as (future) empty nesters.  After a little bit of knitting, we went shopping!

Later in the day, I was informed that it was my night to pick up the girls... OOPS!!  It wasn't on EITHER of my calendars!!!  Then LOOK what I did:

OUCH!!!  I sprained my ankle.  :o((

On TUESDAY, I posted the next installment of The Decrapification Project.  In this post, you will read about what came after the big reveal.

I also hobbled up to the sewing room and made ONE Tiny Nine in AQUA/teal... with a splash of lime:

WEDNESDAY afternoon, DS2 and I went to visit "Grandma Betty."  He received CASH (and a key chain, instead of a shirt) as a graduation gift:

  Oh well, ONE Carolina shirt is enough... he will probably get a TON of shirts once he arrives on campus!!!  That's the way it was for DS1 over at NC State.

On THURSDAY, I got up early to take the girls to school.  Yes.  They go year-round.  After dropping them off, I made my way to my weekly Quilt Group meeting, where I shared my collection of AQUA blocks and elevated my foot:

FRIDAY morning, the Knit Group met at my house...


When the dust cleared, the longarm had been loaded with another quilt:

On SATURDAY, Angela hosts a weekly LINK PARTY for the RSC Quilters.  You might like to head over there to see what AQUA goodness everyone has gotten up to during the week.  Me?  I'm heading off to Wish Upon a Quilt's brick and mortar store.  I haven't been in a while and my friend needs some help with choosing borders and backing for her current quilt.  I plan on checking in on the RSC Quilters later today.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. So sorry about your ankle. You sure got a lot done in spite of it :)

  2. I have to say, since I am still dealing with my broken wrist two months later, I am SO glad you didn't break your ankle! Hope it feels better soon, though! Love that tiny nine!

  3. Sorry about your ankle. Take care.
    That mini mini block is lovely.

  4. A sprained ankle will never keep a quilter from going to a quilt shop! Take it easy, though. I'm going to Hobby Lobby today, hooray! Have a fun week.

  5. It looks like you got ANOTHER tshirt quilt top done! Wow! I'm in sympathy with you on the ankle. I was stung by a bee last Friday and can't seem to shake the swelling. Being laid up is the pits!

  6. Ouch! Be kind to your ankle! I sprained one of mine many years ago and it still twinges when the weather changes.

  7. Oh no! I think you should hunker down and elevate that ankle while doing hand work of your choice... and let the kiddo's wait on Mom =) Hope you heal quickly. Can I send my kids up to you to go to school year round? They would love it... they miss school and we are only int he 3rd off week.

  8. Reads like a busy week but that poor ankle of yours looks pretty sore!

  9. Sounds like you got a lot done considering your hurting ankle. Take good care of it.

  10. Oh, so sorry about your ankle. I hope it is all better. I am late in reading posts.
    Congrats to DS2. Much success on his new school.
    Take care of that ankle.

  11. Sorry about your ankle! Hope you heal quickly.


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