Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - The Carol Woods Edition

Last month, I packed THIS bag:

With the following quilts...

The Joyful Scrap Addiction:

Bricks and Blocks:

Play Ball:

The 1st Attempt Quilt:

Winter Quilted Jacket:


The Bluff Mystery:

St. Patty's Day Jacket:

Autumn Tote Bag:

Oh! My Stars and Haircuts:


The Joyful Iris Garden:

(Well... I actually had several of the items packed into the tote bag.)

My friend, Deborah, joined me in representing Durham Orange Quilt Guild in this Outreach project. (Our friend, Jean, is running the show this year.)

In the interest of "keeping it real"...

My photos were taken after-the-fact, but I thought it might me nice to have a record of the quilts I've shared with the residents.  There have been discussions about canceling the program, but I plan to continue my visits until I run out of quilts for them to enjoy.

Until next time...
Share your quilts!!!

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