Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like...

A quilt now!!!  :o))

A special THANK YOU to Gayle Sparrow for the lovely quilting job.  Thanks, again!  I really appreciate it.

I'm SO excited that I'll show you more pictures of various parts of the quilt, but the full view will have to wait until the binding is on (and sewn down.)  You may or may not want to read about the various segments.  Skip the captions, if you don't care to know the story behind the blocks.

See the teal block on the right? Those fabrics came from my award-winning Fair Quilt.

These are the fabrics that I used for DS2's 3rd Grade Teacher Quilt.

This blue block came from Anita's Wedding Quilt. (I added a few extra blues to it.)

My "Donation Quilt Buddy", Angela, gave me the orange batik scraps.  We had some FUN times at CQG!

I wonder how many non-quilters will be saying, "How'd she DO that?!?!"  LOL

Christmas, anyone??? Not exactly...

These fabrics were used in a quilt for the Quilts of Valor program. (We have women soldiers, too. I thought it might be nice to make a patriotic quilt with a feminine flair.)

Hey!  There's a chunk of my Easter Jacket.

Coffee, anyone?  (Sue, how about YOU??)

Say... a donut would go GREAT with that coffee!!!

The block in the center came from a "Test Quilt" that I made for a quilt designer on Ravelry.  Afterwards, I used it for a donation quilt to be distributed by DOQ. I'm STILL not sure why I decided to make a baby quilt in neutrals.  SO not like me!!

 I love how the quilting shows up on this block.

If you are a member of DOQ, you MIGHT recognize some of the fabrics in these blocks. Guild members were EXTREMELY generous with their scraps! I was able to use TONS in this quilt.

Do you see the little ballerina on the left?  She was part of a donation quilt challenge. (If only you could see what Jean F. did with hers. Think "paper dolls" only done in fabric...  It was INCREDIBLE!!!)

Remember those generous guild members that I mentioned? One of them even passed along a completed quilt block! An extra? Didn't turn out the way she had hoped? I was pleased with my luck and incorporated it into the quilt.

Here's a block made from pieces of Gabby's Jacket...

And the cat print in this photo was the back of her baby quilt. If you look closely, you can see another snippet of Gabby's Jacket. If your memory is as good as mine, you'll see more squares from Anita's wedding quilt, too. What?! You didn't recognize them???  :P

That small indigo square bit in the center actually came from Africa. Thank you to M.D. Freeman for sharing her special fabric with me!  Look at that, there's a piece from the back of DS1's Kindergarten Teacher's Quilt. (It's the blue and yellow piece with circles.)
Finally, I incorporated some fabric from my knitting buddy, Shannon.  She decided that she had given up quilting for knitting.  (Kind of like me and cross stitch.)  Most of the fabrics in these last two blocks came from her:

Thomas the Tank Engine, Number One for DS1...

Thomas the Tank Engine, Number Two for DS2.
Over the years, both boys spent many hours "driving" the little train around the track. Whether it be in the (long gone) train store in Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, (the recently closed - June 2014) Tom's Train Station in South Hills Mall in Cary, or in their very own play room (once Mom, Dad, and Grandpa got together on the gift nearly 15 years ago. Can it really have been that long ago?!)

I hope you enjoyed your tour of my nearly done Crumb Quilt.  Thank you to Bonnie Hunter of for teaching me the technique.  That was the MOST FUN quilt class EVER!!!  Who knew you could turn GARBAGE into a QUILT?!?!? I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recycling at its finest.

Until next time...
Happy Quilting!

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