Thursday, November 27, 2014

2014's Happy Thanksgiving

The preparations began late last week.  The location was set, as was a rough draft of the menu.

Sound familiar???

I feel quite certain that this same scenario has been played out all over the country in the past two weeks or so.

My list of assigned tasks?

The list included "traditional" pumpkin pie, "traditional" cake, and rolls.  The in-laws are on a health kick so my list was expanded to include sweet tea and "traditional" mashed potatoes.  Instead of their low-carb mashed potatoes... 

What does that even mean?!?!

Well, we came to understand that low-carb mashed potatoes actually meant mashed cauliflower.  That's fine.  We like cauliflower, but we don't try to pass them off as good old mashed spuds.

I bought the rolls on Tuesday.  I made the pie and tea yesterday morning.  I baked the cake last night.  The icing was prepared and applied this morning.  All that remains is the "traditional" mashed potatoes...

Here's where my problem begins.

Since I only found out THIS MORNING that I was supposed to bring the spuds (my DH apparently volunteered me for the job) one question jumped to mind.

Real or boxed spuds???

We like both.  We have no potatoes in the house.  I told him that (since he volunteered me) he could go to the store, if he thought that the family would prefer real ones.  He mulled it over...

And after (seconds of) consideration, he deemed that a trip to the store on Thanksgiving morning was unnecessary.

Doctored up boxed spuds, it is!!  Problem solved.   :o))

Hope the family likes them...  Although, BIL claimed that no one would eat the "traditional" spuds, anyway.  Whatever!!!  Three of us will and we will enjoy every bite.

Have a happy!

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