Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2014 SAFF Haul

Friends and I recently spent a fun-filled weekend just outside Asheville, North Carolina at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival (SAFF.)  This year's dates were October 24 - 26 at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center in Fletcher, North Carolina.  Next year...

It may turn into Snow-vember!!!  Why???

The dates for next year's event have been pushed a week later.  Thus, the chance of snow is greatly increased.  GREAT!!!  A chance to wear more of our hand knit wonders.  :o))

And this year's SAFF haul:

Spinning fiber for Phoenixfire from LunaBudKnits.

Yak and merino spinning fiber for me!  (A friend offered to spin it into yarn.  Thanks, Tracy!)

The rest of the haul.  A nice combination of purchases, door prizes, and freebies.
I made a few purchases each day.  That extended the shopping pleasure and kept me from going (too far) over budget.  :P

I missed out on the "Sock Scarf" again this year.  One of the vendors makes ONE per year.  It was still there when we left for the hotel on Saturday afternoon.  When I looked for it on Sunday morning, it was GONE!!!  I was sad, but the shop keeper said that the person who bought it wrapped it around her neck and stated, "It MUST go home with me!"  When I wrapped it around my neck I thought, "I'll get this, if it's still here tomorrow."  Sometimes... when you snooze, you lose.

I purchased from some "old standards" (Miss Babs) and some "new-to-me" (Copper Corgi) vendors.  I bought for specific projects (Viajante) and I bought just because I just HAD to have that color (The Verdant Gryphon)!  I replaced my lost umbrella with a sheepy one and I got a mini skein-winder "just because."  All told, I came home with $100 of the dollars that I went with.

The weekend was a complete success!!!  (And, did I mention, TONS of FUN!!!)


  1. What an excellent haul- I'm in love with that purple and orange fiber ♥ I'm sad I was in Asheville a week too late and misse dSAFF... there's always next year though :D

  2. A week later is JUST when SAFF will be next year!! You will be right on time. :o))


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