Sunday, November 2, 2014

Custom CK Bags - The "First Sewing"

Threebagsfulled placed a T-shirt order in the Spring.   We had discussed the possibility of offering custom tote bags.  The prototypes were made, but I wasn't quite ready to begin (what could potentially be a BIG project.)

When she placed another order in the Fall, I decided not to waste a minute!  I posted my bags in her group on Ravelry.  I offered a limited color selection made up of shirts that I had on hand.  (Those SOLD OUT in the first 12 hours!)

I also suggested that after the initial supply had been depleted, people were welcome to select a color from those offered with the T-shirt order.  These orders would have to wait for the "Second Sewing."  (I had to wait for the shirt orders to be filled before beginning on those.)

First step:  Prepare the shirts

Second step:  Make the handles (Posted as a teaser on CK group.)

(Cut to the chase!)  Completed bags!

Interior shot:  Red bag with blue denim.

Interior shot:  Red bag with black denim.

Interior shot:  Pink and black bag.

Interior shot:  Orchid bag #1.

First completed bag ready for SAFF delivery.

Second bag waiting for post office run for shipping quote.
This has been quite an adventure.  Tomorrow, I'm hoping to have time to do the initial post office run and get the "First Sewing" bags off to their new owners.  I've already begun working on the bags for the "Second Sewing."  Most of the bags have the first few steps taken care of...  Almost time to begin stitching them together!  :o))

Someone was "late to the party", but I had ordered a few extra shirts.  The CKer who placed that order, along with the one who placed an order at SAFF, are in line for the "Third Sewing".

Take heart!  I have fabrics chosen for those orders, as well.  Only a couple more bags to finish before yours will be prepped and sewn.

Thank you to all of the wonderful Criminal Knitters who ordered Custom CK Bags from me.  It has been my pleasure to create your one-of-a-kind tote bags.  For those CKers who "missed the boat" this time around...

Spring is just around the corner!  You will get your chance to order your own bag when TBF posts next year's shirt order.  Until then...

Happy Crafting!!!

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