Friday, April 1, 2011

UFO Club - Winter 2011 - The Results

For those of you following the progress of my UFO Club, there were 11 members participating in this session.  Congrats! to the members who completed one or more quilts and thank you to ALL members for playing along.
Members (11) : 
teacherspet: 2 quilts completed
basketcase9702: 1 quilt completed
SunshineMom: 2 quilts completed
fishandstitch: 2 quilts completed
yaners: 3 quilts completed
snowquilter: 1 quilt completed
criosa: 1 quilt completed
monicarose51: 2 completed quilts
knitwish: 2 completed quilts
Session Results: 9 quilters completed 16 quilts.
Come back next session for more UFO Fun!

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