Tuesday, July 6, 2010

UFO Club - Summer 2010 - The List

UFO Club - Summer 2010
The List
As you can see, I have included a selection of projects that ranges in level of completion. I know that I should be starting with older UFOs, but I did throw in a few for good measure! Once I begin finishing some of these, I'm sure to get excited. Plus, I'll make sure to continue with some older UFOs next session.
Pictured above, in order from top to bottom:
1. The Margaret Mystery (2009)

2. QE2 Goodbye Quilt (1999)
3. Blue/Yellow Woven - now known as Sunflower Surprise (DONE!)
4. Remnants (2009) (DONE!)
5. Michael's T-shirt Quilt (DONE!)
Formerly at the top of the list (and pictured in a prior post.)
6. Oh! My Stars & Haircuts (DONE!)
Other UFOs that I would like to finish in the near future:
7. Journal Quilt on Steroids (DONE!)
8. Hollis' Iris Garden (2007/2008?)
9. Circle Denim Quilt (2008)
10. Black, White & Red All Over (2010)
Every quilt has a story. My plan is to share those stories with you as I complete each of these quilts.


  1. Did you ever finish the second to the last pictured quilt? It's so beautiful!

  2. I did and it got 1st place in the Collaborative category at the 2010 DOQ Quilt Show! :o)


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