Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Quiet Quilter

It's been almost 10 days since my last post. Why? Lots going on around here. I played "Mom's Taxi Service" all last week and if I wasn't dropping one son off, I was picking up the other one! The time in between was spent working on knitting and quilting UFOs, but nothing was completed.


During the week, I worked on three (oops! four!) different projects for the UFO Club. I shared this information on Ravelry, but didn't have any new pictures to share here. I worked on Michael's T-shirt Quilt, trimmed down the Jacob's Ladder, completed the next step on my Circle Denim Quilt, and added applique to the Blue & Yellow Woven quilt.

Just when I was ready to post a picture today...I realized that I left my project in a friend's car!!!


Photos of the applique work that I did will follow at a later date. (The other work was too boring for photos.) For now, you'll have to imagine a Sunflower on my Blue & Yellow Woven quilt. It's almost done! I just have to decide on binding. I auditioned a number of fabrics yesterday, but the RIGHT choice wasn't among them. More news later...

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