Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust!

I am pleased to report that my 2nd quilt has been completed for the UFO Club. This one is was an experiment in making a woven quilt. A friend had made a clock using woven strips and I thought I'd give it a try using the trimmings from The Margaret Mystery.

I attempted to show you the back of the quilt (featuring the quilting) and a close-up, but (for some unknown reason) the pictures kept disappearing from my post.
Anyway, I used wavy lines to counteract the straight strips and mimicked the swirls in the background.
I did something on this piece that I wouldn't repeat. The strips were woven without adding fusible interfacing. This made it a bit difficult when it came to the actual quilting! The close-up showed the fact that not all of the edges are completely stitched down. I chalk that up to the freeform technique that was used in the making of this quilt. Enjoy!


  1. Very cool! 2 UFOs down...that's awesome. Who knew that fat quarters were such an incentive? Or is it that cool package from Joey on Ravelry?!?

  2. FQs work well as an incentive, but Joey's gift pack totally tipped the scale! Thanks for cheering me on.

  3. Very interesting and great colors too.



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