Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - DOQ Donation Quilt Workshop

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Today's post will give you a glimpse into last weekend's quilting event.  You may notice that I missed Wednesday... AGAIN!!!  Oh, well... 

Here is what transpired:

I did some sewing on Guild charity quilts and H2H, too:

This will be the next pattern that I tackle:

The fun star print really upped the ante on my neighbor's quilt:

My friend, Joanna, spent her time cutting kits:

A new member became my donation partner, as we tag-teamed on this small quilt for our guild's children's charity:

This is an example of the quilts we're making for a local Veteran's Hospice organization:

Fellow bee mate, Victoria, worked on a Quilt of Valor kit quilt:

The entire group of assembled quilters enjoyed a fabulous Pot Luck lunch and got back to work.  Things broke up about 3:00, since most had plans and/or preparations to make for Mother's Day.  If YOU are a mom, I hope you enjoyed your day.

Until next time...
Give of your time and talent!!!


  1. I love that veteran's hospice quilt.

  2. What a nice group - your quilts will be loved! ~Jeanne

  3. Love the stars inside stars piece! That's a really great idea :)

  4. I love your Vet quilt. A great quilt to honor them.


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