Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday - Police Quilt Delivery Day

Welcome to the next edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week, I am excited to tell you that I have (FINALLY) delivered my Law Enforcement Appreciation quilt.  Yesterday was THE DAY!!

Honestly, it's been done and ready to deliver for a number of weeks.  (Months?)  It's even been riding around in the car with me for the past several weeks just waiting for me to stop and pass it on to its forever home!

Yesterday, it was complaining so much that I picked up the phone and called the Hillsborough Police Department.  No!  I didn't call the emergency number.  I called the station number to find out when the Chief would be available to accept delivery.

The office manager informed me that Chief would be available during the afternoon hours Wednesday - Friday this week.  I'm not sure what came over me, but I asked about that. Very. Day!!

As it turned out, the Chief was available.  SEW...

My friend, Britt, and I cleaned up our quilting projects and hopped in our cars (we each had errands afterwards), heading for the Hillsborough Police Station.

Upon our arrival, the office manager went to get the Chief.  I explained who we were and how the quilt came to be.  Although, Britt was forced to interpret for me, since I was talking too fast.  
(Just a BIT excited!) She explained that we are part of a local quilt group called the Cherry Creek Lane Quilters and we meet weekly. She went on to explain that one of our members designed the quilt. We presented quilts to each of seven local law enforcement agencies, serving the areas where our members reside.

We then showed the Chief the quilt, but I forgot to get a photo of his face upon seeing the quilt or an "official" presentation shot. You know the one?  It's the one with the people shaking hands over the presented object.

Instead, we got a photo of  Britt and I with the Chief:

Got a photo with the Chief and the office manager with the maker:

Took a picture of the Chief and the office manager with the quilt:

Britt also got one last shot of me with the quilt for the blog:

With that, we left the police station to check out the NEW Used Book Store in town and allow the Chief and the office manager to "duke it out", as she wants the quilt to be hung in her office... Right on the wall that you can see behind the glass.

Good luck, hanging it anywhere else in the station, Chief!!  LOL

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With the delivery of the completed AND labeled Police Quilt, that's one more thing off my plate.  Whew!!  Now, I'm on to the next...

Until next time...
Have YOU thanked your local law enforcement agencies???


  1. Congratulations! Awesome that it was so well received! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. What a thoughtful and appropriate gesture. You were even dressed to match the quilt. Funny - when I read where you two went I read Used Block Store and wondered if you were getting more blocks for donation. Quilt Head mistake.

  3. The quilt looka amazing, well done.


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