Saturday, November 21, 2015

ScrappySaturday - RSC15 - Week 47

Welcome to Week 47 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  We are nearing the end of Angela's final Color of the Month.  November's color is Light/Bright GREEN.  I thought that I might have more of it than I actually had left from my green sewing earlier in the year.

Hmm...  I wonder why that is?!?!

One of the RSC Quilters shared her theory last week.  Let me see if I can find what she said...

Wait, wait, wait.

Ah!  Here it is...

Nope!  Can't find it, but thanks for the insight (oh, unnamed RSC Quilter.)  The gist of the comment was that if you have very little of a color... it must be one of your favorites.  (With me and Lime Green that is ABSOLUTELY true!!!)

SUNDAY afternoon I photographed the collection of NINE Rainbow Crumb Blocks that I made on Saturday (after posting my weekly RSC account.)  Sorry for the time lapse, but HERE they are:

I attached a label to THIS quilt... FINALLY!!!

On MONDAY morning, I remembered that I didn't share how I spent my day yesterday.  I spent the day with 7 members of my Quilt Bee.  We had a lovely day of quilty fun!  I worked on my newest quilt commissions:

T-Shirt Quilts, of course!!

These will be different from my norm.  My client envisions a "puzzle" style layout for both of these memory quilts.  I expect that this might prove challenging for me.

That's OK... I'm up for a challenge!!!  :o))

In case you aren't familiar with what I mean by a "puzzle" style layout, check out THIS blog post from Deb Rowden.  HERE is another one from Molli Sparkles.  Katie Mae Quilts shared a calmer version in THIS post.  I believe it's closer to what my client has in mind.

My most recent T-Quilt, shared in this April POST, is more in line with the style that I normally use. It was proclaimed my BEST T-quilt EVER by DS1.  :o))

Wish me luck as I move into the design phase!!!

TUESDAY, I planned on staying home all day.  That's not what happened, but that WAS the plan!

Bright and early in the morning, I headed up to the studio (with the intention of getting right to work on my commission quilts.)  When I got up there I heard little voices.  250 little voices of the colored squares for the Alternate RSC Sampler Blocks.

What's a quilter to do???

Well...  THIS quilter set up the cutting space (it had been disassembled for Sunday's Sew Day) and got to work!!  However, after taking rotary cutter to fabric several times, I remembered that SOMEWHERE in the room was a drawer of previously cut squares... in JUST the size that I need:

Almost every square needed to complete the Alternate Blocks for the 2015 RSC Sampler was housed in that drawer.  Here they are, neatly lined up in rows for counting after being sorted:

Unfortunately, about half way through the sorting process, the phone rang.  See how long that row of purple squares is in the photo above?  Well, the drawer was balanced (precariously) on the corner of the table just out of your line of vision.

THIS photo...

... Shows what the drawer looked like after I bumped the table on my way to answer the phone!!!  :o((

On WEDNESDAY, my job for the day was house cleaning.  I know, right?  BORING!!!  Well, the quilters are coming on Saturday and the downstairs is a bit of a mess.  (OK!  Maybe that is an understatement.)  Anyway...

After a swish and a swipe, I decided that it was time for a sewing break.  I made TWO Rainbow Crumb Blocks for my ongoing project:

And dove into my 3" drawer looking for strips to make the star points for my RSC (Non)Sampler:

THURSDAY is the day for my weekly Quilt Group meeting.  I went and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

However, my shoulder was throbbing from the workout that I gave it yesterday.  :o((

I doubt this ONE Rainbow Crumb Block was the culprit:

NOTE:  Fabrics for the block came from my friend Candy's scrap pile.  Thanks, Candy!!

On FRIDAY morning, I was off to Knit Group.  I made progress on one of my scarves and admired the new piece of art behind the register:

It's SUCH a cheerful piece and my photo REALLY doesn't do it justice!!

Remember that pain in my shoulder???  Well... it's not gone and...

I'm pretty sure that it had more to do with THIS (and the fact that I added more pieces to the stack yesterday afternoon):

This SATURDAY was a LITTLE different than most.  I got up early to put on the chili for my Quilt Bee.  It was my turn to host the meeting and chili is comfort food on a cold day.  Although, yesterday the temp was near 60* and felt decidedly warmer than that in the bright sunshine (and today was more of the same, but thankfully the chili was well received.)

Next up, make the coffee and something to nibble on... too bad THAT part didn't get done!

Then... the quilters are coming.  The quilters are coming!!

We had a wonderful meeting, made complete with the arrival of our English bee member.  Welcome back, Lisa!!  We are SEW glad that you were able to fit us into your schedule of people to visit while you are here from England for the Thanksgiving holiday!

LONG after the meeting...

I was FINALLY able to join Angela's LINK PARTY.  I'm looking forward to taking a tour of the RSC projects that have kept the RSC Quilters busy this week.  Since I was late to the party, I'm link number 22 this week.  I hope you will join me, as I go visit all of the blogs.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. What a fun -- full of quilting week. So glad you have the alternat squares all ready to go. A finished to isn't far off.

  2. Love your bright colorful squares. Cutting is the hard part. Also picking them up off the floor : ((
    Looks like a good time was had by all.


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