Sunday, May 20, 2012

Purple & Green Coins

Purple & Green Coins by basketcasejoy
Purple & Green Coins, a photo by basketcasejoy on Flickr.
Hooray!!! I completed ANOTHER quilt for the. Spring 2012 UFO Club. This is my 2nd finish and I couldn't be more pleased.

It began as a stack of fabric that I wanted to "do something with" and took the shape of a Coin Quilt (a pattern of my "list of quilts to make" for many years) after my good friend, NeedleB, completed a Coin Quilt top in purple and yellow.

I cut the remaining strips (some had been cut earlier) and they sat on a studio shelf for more than a year. Once I began to sew, the "columns" were completed in no time. However, those completed "columns" sat around my studio for many months before inspiration struck again!

Enter a January 2012 Sew Day....

The previously sewn quilt top, minus the borders came with me. But a completed quilt went home with me!

What happened next?

Why, MORE time went by, of course. Even though the quilt top was completed, MORE time passed because I couldn't decide how or WHO should quilt the quilt!

With that question answered, Suzan de Serres of Singing Stiches quilted the quilt. I determined that I wasn't in the mood to wrestle a quilt of this size.  That brought us to March.  The one month turnaround time brought us to April.

Can you guess what happened next???

You're right!!! I couldn't WAIT to have the quilt done, so I started on the binding right away. NOT!!! (But only a short period of time passed before I got the binding made and applied.)

I'm happy to have this 60" X 92" quilt completed. It may even be cool enough tonight to snuggle up with this UFO No More!

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