Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dye Frenzy 2012 - The Results

I managed to get more of my pieces in the first dye bath this year. I am SO pleased with the results! (I'm wondering how much this has to do with the fact that I used bleached muslin this time...what do you think?)

There were old favorites and a new edition in our color selections this time. We added Jeans Blue to the mix, as well as a combination of Sunflower Yellow and "The Green that No One Likes". You can see that they both turned out brilliantly!

China Blue is seen here (top row, right). I bet you can't guess how many dye baths that one went through...

The answer is THREE!!!

Can you imagine?! Three dye baths (including the first run) and it STILL came out mostly pale. I'm thinking that it will make a nice "sky" fabric.

You can also see an example of layered colors. I can't recall the order (or the method), but the pink/yellow/orange-with-a- hint-of-green-around-the-edges fabric was submersed in multiple dye pots. It feels the most like a "traditional tie-dye" that I have ever done.

Also in the dye pot was a couple of previously-dyed T-shirts that were somewhat less than successful. I haven't managed to get them through the wash and will take photos once that takes place. However, you can see a hint of them in the other photo shown on my Flickr page.

Please consider this activity for your local quilt group. It is SEW much fun!!!  I'm already looking forward to next year!  Perhaps, a gradation series is in order using multiple pieces in one pot with varying times for removal.  Could be interesting...


  1. Those look great! I want to try dying at some point in time but good night I already have so many projects going on... I've got to finish a few things before trying something new.

    1. Thanks! I understand the need to avoid going off trying new things before finishing UFOs. However, this was a group project at my quilt bee meeting. I was there anyway, so I might as well dunk a few fabrics in the dye pots! :o)

      No pattern has been chosen for these beauties. I'm simply gathering supplies for a "Someday" project. If you get a chance, give dyeing a try. It's great fun!

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