Saturday, September 18, 2010

Loose-y Goose-y (Completed)

Another UFO, but not one on the list! I started the binding at my quilt bee meeting this morning and finished it on the way to the Carolina Longarm Quilt Show this afternoon.

I posted the bulk of this quilt's story when I finished the quilt top, but you may be intersted to hear that it took three times to get a good photo of the quilt. I also had to apply the binding THREE times before I got it applied properly. Oh, and you’ll never believe it, but all 3 of the people in our car won door prizes at the quilt show! Perhaps, the quilt needs a NEW name!


Aside from the free-form Flying Geese featured in my design, this little quilt showcases a "new-to-me" pebble quilting design. The "pebbles" really add a textural element to the quilt!

In my last post, I shared my quilt called Flying to the Candy Dish. It was made of the same design, but what a difference fabric selection has on the overall feeling of a quilt! The finishing details are different in each quilt. Where I added machine feather stitching to that quilt, this one was finished using a satin stitch zigzag for the machine applique. That one had the geese on a black "path" in a field of color and this one has geese on a colorful "path' in a field of black.

Loose-y Goose-y was made as a Journal Quilt and measures 8" x 10'. Not the "standard" size the other quilts in my JQ series, but several friends have assured my that it's perfectly OK!

Thanks, quilting friends!

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