Welcome to Panto-rama!!!  I thought that I should post an inventory of all the designs found in the studio. Some are "simple" and others are "complicated."  Either way, I hope to stitch them all out over the coming months (and/or years.)

These came with my machine:

These were given to me by my friend, Diane, (who no longer uses pantos since she upgraded to a computerized machine) with the right of first refusal:

You KNOW that I decided to keep them, don't you?!?!

Should be fun to quilt them all out!!  I will try to remember to update with "real life" photos, as I accomplish the task.

The following were purchased for a really good price at the end of our Guild's Silent Auction in 2019:

Lorien's Swoop:


Pretty Paisley:

Football & Helmet:

"Quilted out" photos to follow.  Eventually.

Until then...
Just keep quilting!!!

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