Saturday, April 14, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 15

Welcome to ScrapHappy Saturday!!  It's Week 15 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  HOW did that happen?!?!  I had a fairly slow week on the sewing and quilting front.  Recovery from our road trip took longer than I thought it might.  I'm too old for spending more than 22 hours in the car over a 4 day period! I was thinking happy scrappy YELLOW thoughts during my travels:

SUNDAY - Slept in since I was up WAY too late after the wedding celebration.  In my defense, it was Karaoke Night at our hotel and my SIL was singing!

We did a family brunch in the Riverside Ballroom at the Lambertville Station Restaurant and Inn.  I think we had 5 tables of 4 plus a chair at the end of 3 of those (because my BIL apparently can't count.)  

The event center was accessed by crossing this wonderful little bridge:

This is the view from the parking lot:

We headed in for a feast:

My favorite part of the entire brunch fit in the palm of my hand:

Well, that and the quilty looking tiles in the ladies room:

MONDAY - Finally got a look at Block 4 of the Squared Away Sampler designed by Mari of The Academic Quilter with input from Angela over at So Scrappy.

Ut-oh!!  See those lines on the road?  We may be in for some weather of the flake-y variety:

Yep!  I even caught a flake on the rim of my glasses:

TUESDAY - This photo got left out of last week's post.  Here are my golden toes (drying.)  Love those low-budget toe separators:

WEDNESDAY - Loaded a gift quilt on the frame:

There's even some YELLOW  in there. It's the only bit I've worked with for April's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Sorry, Angela!!!

THURSDAY - I gave up after my thread broke about 5 times in the 1st row!!  I was too tired to troubleshoot the problem.  Attempted to take care of that this afternoon.

The culprit:  I have NO idea!!!  It is STILL giving me fits.  :o((

FRIDAY - Talked with my local APQS rep and found that I either have to time my machine or take it in to have it timed.  (I think the culprit was a needle inserted backwards.  Darned older eyes!!)

Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts finished a fabulous scrappy quilt.  See it HERE.  The following comment really gave me pause:

I love the front of the quilt, but the fun fact is, that it's actually two quilts in one, because I pieced a back from my stash. I used a stack of fabrics that I had bundled together YEARS ago, thinking it would make a cute know, someday. Well, after some editing (adding AND subtracting), I have ANOTHER quilt. That's good use of my batting dollar. Hurray! 

SATURDAY - Playing in the YELLOW scraps:

I captured a rainbow earlier this week, sadly no put of gold at the end... just a bunch of clothes to share with friends, sell or donate to The Will of Good:

With all that travel time, look how much progress I've made on my sweater:

It's hard to believe that these two (pictured with the quilt I made for the two of them) have been married for a week already:

It's all back to business as usual around here.  I spotted more YELLOW around town:

Now, if I could just SEW something in the Color of the Month!!

Remember!!  It's LINK PARTY day.  Be sure to visit Angela over at So Scrappy for a look at what the other RSC Quilters have been doing with their YELLOW scraps this week.  (Don't be fooled by the title of her post.  She's not talking about me.  Angela is just happy that there are only 31 day until graduation and Summer Break can't be far beyond that.)

Oh!!  For those of you who are interested, I updated my Scrap Attack Tuesday - April Job Pull post with a couple of pictures.  The days just got away from me this week.  Here's hoping that next week will be back to the normal level of chaos.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. The sweater you're working on is gorgeous - love the deep, rich blue and the way it complements the other colors. And it's a good time of year for yellow!

  2. I'm glad all went well to, at, and front the wedding. Your sweater looks great - I love the colors. I bookmarked Amanda Jean's log cabin yesterday - I'm thinking I should make something like that. I also saw a red and white log cabin that was gorgeous the other day. There's always the next quilt or sweater ... ~Jeanne

  3. Your weeks always sound full and fun! That little dessert looks yummy, and I love the photo of the newlyweds with their quilt. Such a wonderful gift!

  4. My goodness! You had a very busy week! I am very curious. What is that yummy goodness in a cup that you are holding? The newly married young couple look very happy. That quilt is beautiful!

  5. A fun filled week, and pretty little snippets of yellow, and a beautiful wedding quilt.

  6. With all that is going on, it sounds like sewing can wait. Congratulations to the newlyweds, looks like they love the quilt.

  7. That's a whirl wind week. Hopefully you've been able to get some stitching time in.

  8. Your weeks always sound full and fun! That little dessert looks yummy, and I love the photo of the newlyweds with their quilt. Such a wonderful gift!
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