Monday, December 7, 2015

Mystery Monday Link-up!! Allietare! Part 2

Welcome to another Mystery Monday Link-up!!  On Friday, Bonnie Hunter of posted the second clue in her 2015 Winter Mystery.  There were hundreds of us WAITING for the release of the next step in the construction of Allietare.  I was not among them, as I had totally forgotten to check for it until late Friday afternoon!  (Oops!!  Sorry, Bonnie!)

My friend Needleb and I got together on Saturday morning to work on this installment in the Mystery. We always have SEW much FUN!!!  Sew, press, cut, repeat:

While this was a fairly manageable clue, I have decided to make only 1/4 of the components for Allietare.  I may change my mind after the reveal, but for now, this is all I feel able to manage.  Here I am, drawing the lines to prepare for sewing:

As usual, I had to go a bit further with my piecing.  Can you see the double-sewn corners?  Wouldn't want to waste usable fabric:

My "geese" units have been pressed:

But...  The sewn neutrals, are still awaiting their date with the iron (because these little off-cuts got in their way):

Can you really blame me?  Just LOOK at this adorable (tiny) HST unit:

Check back HERE for all of the previous instructions of Allietare gathered in one place. THIS LINK will take you to this week's LINK-UP.  Go have a look.  Not everyone is using Bonnie's colors and it's SEW much fun to see how everyone is progressing.

Until next time...
Be mysterious!!!

Presenting...  Allietare!  Part 2:


  1. Looking good! And those bonus triangles are adorable!
    (I can't waste fabric either. Gives me the cold shudders just thinking about it...)

  2. I have been saving my flippy corner HSTs, too! They are great to use to incorporate into a matching pillow or wall hanging.

  3. Pretty, pretty..I wish I had a Quilty friend nearby to sew year I made a Preemie quilt for our local NICU out of the extra tri's

  4. What a smart idea to use only one quarter! Lovely pictures!

  5. Lovely little units, and good for you sewing those itty bitty HST.

  6. I look a bit of a mess in that pic. Hehe, I suppose I should be thankful you didn't snap a pic of the sudden rip in the back of my jeans! ROFL. Thanks for rescuing me!

    1. Nonsense. You ALWAYS look beautiful!!! Re: the rip... goodness knows that stack of jeans in the studio should be worth SOMETHING. Glad to part with a bit for the repair.


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