Sunday, March 30, 2014

Studio Redo

Yesterday, I was meant to be having a mini retreat, but found that I was not in the mood to sew.  Here is what I did instead...

 I went through a bag of fabric from a Ravelry destash.  Thanks, Breila!!!  Then I sorted items in the storage drawer that is shown above.  Next came, or should I say went since it is going out, the unused sewing box to create a bit of extra room in the sewing closet.  Sorry!  The closet is NOT ready for its viewing.

See those bookcases over on the left... before yesterday, you would be looking at a wall of Rubbermaid tubs and Sterlite totes!  Several of the shelves received an overhaul.  They look MUCH more organized than before.

Here is a closer shot of the bookcases.  Looking good!  There is more to be done, but I am SO glad that I got a wild hair and had the itch to organize my sewing studio.  I believe that my creativity can now take flight in this room.

This is the thread shelf, with a side order of NSOs.  Quilts that are Not Started Objects.  The acronym was used by Fidissimus on Ravelry and made its way into the UFO Club rules.   UFOs count for the club, but NSOs do not.  The thread used to sit out on the small white dresser.  I think it looks neater here on the shelf.  I trust that YOU agree!

This is the Black and White shelf, with a side order knitting.  The orange basket holds some of my orange yarn, not currently in use.  The Hillsborough Yarn Store bag holds all of my knitting needles that are not being used.  Most of the needles in the bag are there for the duration.  I discovered circular needles and rarely go for the straights, anymore.

I have had this little sewing decoration stuffed in a drawer since I moved into this room.  We will NOT discuss how many years that has been!  It was time to bring it out and let it do its job!  It now greets me at the door and begs me to come in and sew a while.

Just inside the door sits the Coca Cola crate that I got at a yard sale many years ago.  It adds a bit of color and acts as a storage solution for any number of Fat Quarters, as well as, random cutting tools that I like to have at the ready.

Although, the area in front of the window might not look very organized, it is a far cry from what it looked like just one day ago!  Quilts that I have set aside, for one reason or another, are housed in two of the under bed storage units and the third is where destash yarns await the right scarf, hat, cowl, or sweater.  My collection of quilting rulers is wedged in between the containers and the chest of drawers.  Two of those drawers got in on the organizational action, as well.  You may see those later... or not.

 But, right now, I want to show you the BEST area in the room!  Needleb and I affectionately call it the Dance Floor.  As you can see, it is the area in front of the bookcases.  It was formerly a 1 X 2 foot area crowded with junk!  Well, maybe it was not actual junk, but it was certainly a cluttered mess.  More of a mess than it is now... in all of its 4 X 6 foot glory!  I can actually bend down and reach the bottom shelf without having to stand on my head, if I need to find a magazine or something to work on.

Here is a close view of the orange cubbie and it looks as if I may need to straighten it a bit, already.  This shot gives you an idea of how my new storage system is working.  The fabric basket, which was recently showcased here on my blog, holds the tiny bits of leftover fabric.  Yardage is stacked to give a good view of the shades available to work with.

And this, my friends, is the view that really makes my day!!!  Look at all the choices.  Look at all the colors.  I think I can see my next quilt staring back at me!  There are even a few hidden quilts in the works behind some of the fabric stacks, but that is a secret just between you and me.

There are a few more cubbies that could use some work, but for now, I could not be more satisfied.  I even managed to carve out a bit of room for my folding table that I take with me on retreats or use when I have friends over to quilt with me.  You ALWAYS need more tables than you have!

Wishing you quilting dreams...

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  1. How much fun to see a peek into your studio. Happy 10 blogging years. What is your studio like now?


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