Sunday, March 23, 2014

Delivery Day

No!  I did NOT have a baby!!!

Thursday, March 20th, was the first day of Spring and the delivery day for the Project Bag Bonanza that I just completed.

Here are the pictures taken in the shop upon delivery:

10 x 14 Project Bags

10 x 13 Project Bags
7.5 x 11 Sock Bags
12 x 14 Project Bags 

It took a bit of time, but I finally got the pictures to show up in the post.  Must mean that it's been TOO LONG since I last blogged!

Project Bags come in many shapes and sizes.  I made a variety to appeal to a wide audience.  What do YOU think?  I hope you see (at least) one or two that you like.  If not, I can always make them to order.

I delivered these bags and realized that I had forgotten to take photos.  The good news is that the bags didn't mind doing group photos.  LOL

Some of the fabrics didn't lend themselves to the size that I had chosen to make with them.  Therefore, I made (and took) a few extra bags.  The good news is that the shop owner wanted then ALL!!!

If you see a bag that you just can't live without, head on over to The Twisted Knitter in Mebane, North Carolina.  Tell Kim that I sent you and I'm sure she will gladly sell you your new Favorite Knitting (or Crochet) Bag!

This turned out to be a really fun project.  Thank you to Threebagsfulled of Criminal Knits on Ravelry for "getting me into this mess."  It was exciting to see so much of my fabric being turned into useful items.  Buy them all up and maybe I can do the Project Bag Bonanza again.  :o)

Now back to my regularly scheduled quilt finishing...

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