Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Bargain Basket

I've been on a bit of a basket kick lately and for the price of 2 fifteen inch squares (that you probably have laying around in your sewing room), you can have a new storage container that you made for yourself (or for a friend!)

I found a FREE tutorial online last year by Christina Lane at and gave (fabric) basket-making a try.  She made the process REALLY easy and I left out the stabilizer and made it even easier!  I considered using some sort of stabilizer, I really did, but then I decided that my basket didn't NEED it.  Afterall, how sturdy of a container does one need to be able to store small bits of fabric?

Anyway, I made one (and then I made another... and another.)  Then I determined that I needed one in EVERY COLOR!!!  I'm a quilter.  Remember?  It's ALL about the color!  :o)

Baskets in (most) of the colors of the rainbow:

In my quest to make one in every color, I ended up giving away two of the first three that I made.  How did that happen???

Well, when a friend comes down from up north to visit another friend and she says that she's bringing you a gift... you have to scare up a gift, FAST!!!  Anyway, I couldn't give one friend a gift and NOT give the hostess a gift, could I???

So... there went two baskets and they HAD to be replaced.  And there was the quest to make one in every color.  You know that I just HAVE to coordinate my fabric scraps with the basket that they will live in.

Here's one of the replacement baskets:

(Don't tell my friend, but I like the replacement better than the original!!!)

Months go by, and I'm still making baskets.  So, I take a few to Quilt Bee to show that I have been sewing SOMETHING... even if I hadn't finished a quilt in quite some time!  The ladies liked them so much that they asked if I would teach them how to make fabric baskets of their own.

Who could refuse?!

Certainly not me.

Even YOU wouldn't have been able to, if you had seen the excitement on their faces at the thought of this new item that they might be able to create.

Trust me on this!!!

Well, that class was today.  (A number of students even came prepared!)  Anyway, I told my story, showed my samples, and then walked them through an abbreviated version of the process.  Everyone ooo'd and aah'd at the appropriate times.  To me, that means class was a success.

Two of my "students" went home with completed baskets.  Two others went home with nearly completed baskets and several others (who couldn't bother with gathering class supplies BEFORE class) were anxiously awaiting their return home so that they could make their versions, too.

While, I hope to post an update when those are done, I came home with THREE MORE (partially completed) baskets!!!  What?!?!

The "teacher" just HAD to have samples of the various steps in the process.  Right???  That meant that I had basket fabric and lining fabric partially assembled to demonstrate the methods for making the basket.  Without further delay, I give you the class samples:

As well as some finishing options that my students and I came up with:

Faux Piping (Mine):

The Fold Over (Theirs):

A couple of students even tried to turn their baskets into "pill box" hats!  I didn't manage to get pictures of that, though.  :o(

Until next time...
Happy Quilting!!!

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