Friday, February 28, 2014

Babies and Quilts Go Together Like...

I don't know what!!!  It just sounded like a good title at the time.  LOL

I'm not THAT old, but I have 8(9) great-nieces and nephews.  Babies NEED quilts.  Especially, quilts from great-aunts who happen to be quilters!

Therefore, 5(6) out of 8(9) have quilts from me.  The first 3 came along before I was much of a quilter (and never expressed an interest in having a quilt, anyway.)   1(2) out of 8(9) actually got their quilts when they were babies!

Hey!  It's NOT a requirement.  Kids still need quilts when they are one, two, and three years old.  Right?!  :P


I don't normally make what most would consider to be "baby" baby quilts.  I like to make "kid" quilts.  Bigger than normal baby quilts, in less baby-like colors and themes, that won't be "outgrown" by age 1.  Which is good because since I tend not to get the quilts done before the baby is 1 or 2 (At minimum!)

Baby A got her quilt when she was a baby.  It just happened that I was inspired by her mom's choice of colors and had a quilt retreat coming up at the same time.  I'm not sure if she still uses it, but she got it.

You can read more about Baby A's Quilt and see a picture here:

Baby J wasn't so lucky!  He has had to wait 3(4) long years for his quilt.  First, I made a quilt that didn't seem to fit him.  Then, I just wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt the one that I ended up making for him.  And then he had a sister...

Baby J's Quilt:

Baby N had to wait for her quilt for over a year.  So long that she ended up with ANOTHER sibling in the ranks.  Baby F's Quilt is still in the works...just like Baby F!!!  LOL

Baby N's Quilt:

Baby M was born around the same time as Baby N and she had to wait for her quilt, too!  A new sister came along before her quilt was done.

Baby M's Quilt:

Baby E didn't have to wait long, at all.  They both got quilts made from the same fabrics.  Mom wanted "neutrals" for both girls (and there were strips left over from Baby M's quilt, anyway!)  Can you say "Instant Quilt"???

Baby E's Quilt (The Same But Different):

Please disregard the odd pulling.  It's one of the hazards of quilting using polyester batting from your stash without pinning enough.  I'm pretty sure the baby won't be judging the quilt.  She will probably be doing a lot of other things to it, but NOT judging it!!!  :o)

Thanks to Gayle S. for providing the last piece of fabric needed to complete the top and to Ruth S. for bringing a selection of fabrics after the snow.  I'm sorry to say that I'm not sorry the quilt top was already done.  I do appreciate the thought.

That's it for this post.  Please don't tell my nieces and nephews that I blogged about their quilts.  It would spoil the surprise.  I'll post a photo of Baby F's Quilt as soon as it's done.

Until then...
Happy Quilting!

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