Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Cutting Bee...

...a quilt workshop with August Cole.  That's how I spent my day today, thanks to my friend Maggie, who had signed up for the class.  Unfortunately, for her (fortunately, for me), she wasn't able to attend.  I figured that I had PLENTY of fabric to meet the requirements of the class.

Goodness knows I can ALWAYS make room for another quilt!!!

Augusta's basic units are the 4-Patch and the Half-square Triangle.  With those two units (and maybe a few other bits), a quilter can create any number of quilts!  The class packet showed how to make about 15 different layouts.

How is a quilter to choose???

Well, first we began with choosing fabrics from the assortment that participants brought to share.  If you brought 10 pieces of fabric then you chose 10 pieces of fabric.  If you brought 20 pieces of fabric then you chose 20 pieces of fabric.  Utter chaos?  No, there was order to the chaos.  Augusta had us drawn numbers and stand in line for the first pick.  Once everyone had chosen, we were lined up in reverse order for a second pick.  Oh, the fabrics!  What a wonderful selection for  wonderfully scrappy quilts.  Yes. Quilts, plural.

Did I mention that I actually started THREE quilts today?

The Simple Cross was my first choice because I wasn't in the mood for making HST units.
Simple Cross

Then the Star option caught my eye.
Star Block

But I couldn't resist Augusta's Confetti Quilt and my table-mate, Jean, was getting rather twitchy about the fact that I'd been there for HOURS without sewing a stitch.  You'll have to go to Augusta's website for a peek at that.  All I got done during the class was the first step on some 4-Patch units!  (I made these two blocks pictured after I got home.)

All in all, I'm am happy that I attended The Cutting Bee workshop.  Even though I now have THREE MORE UFOs,  I had some "me" time.  I had fun visiting with quilting friends that I don't see often enough.  I used some stash.  And, I'm not telling my UFO Club a word about it!  The members are all about FINISHING the quilts that have already been started!  How could I possibly tell them that in ONE DAY there are now THREE new projects on my list?  YOU better not breathe a word to them.    I wouldn't want them to disown me!


Until next time...
Happy Quilting!

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  1. I'm pretty sure scrap quilts don't count as new quilts. At least, if I was you that would be MY story. Lol!


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