Saturday, September 24, 2011

The MR3 Challenge made by Me

The MR3 made by Me by basketcasejoy
The MR3 made by Me, a photo by basketcasejoy on Flickr.
I just realized that you never got to see the MR3 made by me. Oops! Sorry about that.

What was the Challenge?

We (the Quilters Knitting group on Ravelry) have been doing a series of mug rug swaps. The Original Mug Rug Swap started off simply enough. The only "rule" was the size range of the finished products. The 2nd Chance Mug Rug Swap soon followed due to the fact that some members weren't able to participate in the first swap. One member suggested that we "up the ante" for the MR3 and make it a challenge. It was a popular idea so off we went (with each person choosing a challenge for the mug rug she was to receive!)

But, what was YOUR challenge?!

Oh, you want to hear about that, too? Well, my recipient specified her color preference would have to be bright warm colors (reds, yellows, pinks, oranges.) She stated that any theme would be fine. However, her challenge was that her mug rug would have to incorporate a block of some kind i.e., star, log cabin…whatever my preference. She loves all blocks!

Would you like to hear about the process?

I began by checking my stash of "orphan blocks" and found one that worked within the recipient's color palette. It was a Pinwheel block that I had found in a scrap bag that had been gifted to me by a friend. I used this to begin building from there. The plan was to build a Log Cabin block, but once the balance was thrown off, I decided to use that to accommodate my Snack & drink theme. As a reinforcement, I added the lettering, which (in my mind) was something fun and unexpected. Satisfied with the end result of the construction of the top...

The next question was:

HOW am I going to quilt this thing???

The answer to that question revealed itself as I was sitting on my bed. Of course! I've admired the quilting on my bed quilt for many years, but have never attempted replicating it... until now.

I wanted to post immediately after my mug rug was completed, but I didn't want it to be posted before my swap partner received it in the mail. Unfortunately, time went by and I didn't hear from my swap partner.

And I didn't hear from my swap partner... (and I didn't HEAR from my swap partner!!!)

I was beginning to think that the mug rug was actually LOST in the mail!!! (Not a prospect that appealed to me with all the work that went in to the making of this project. Just as I was about to begin working on a replacement, good news arrived. Finally, someone found a photo of my MR3 on the recipient's Flicker page and I (now) know that it arrived. Whew! What a relief!!! (Thanks, Joeyune!)

I really hope that Dragonknits is enjoying the MR3 that I made for her!

This little mug rug sort of morphed from its Log Cabin beginnings and became an off-center, log cabin leftover repository with uncharted free-motion quilting designs. It was fun to make and the colors were perfect for the recipient!

I was SO pleased:

1. That I was able to think of a creative solution to a piecing problem.
2. That the free-cut letters turned out well.
3. That I finally was inspired to try replicating the free motion quilting design that appears on my Millennium Star quilt (made by members of Capital Quilter's Guild in Raleigh, NC.)
4. That I have a wonderful support system of quilters in my local quilt bee (one of whom was able to provide the PERFECT binding fabric - so that I had NO excuse to go fabric shopping. Thanks, Needleb!!!)

Look for MR4, our Fall/Winter themed swap, coming around the middle of October. (It will be followed by MR5 at the beginning of 2012.)

Until then...
Happy Quilting!

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