Monday, May 30, 2011

Think! (Completed)

Think! (Completed) by basketcasejoy
Think! (Completed), a photo by basketcasejoy on Flickr.
First off, I'd like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has served in the military (or had a loved one who has served.)  THINK! could just as easily have been created to remind you to remember those who have survived, been wounded, or have lost their lives serving their country.  That's what Memorial Day is all about!

Next, I'd like to apologize to my readers.  Somehow, I have neglected sharing a project that is almost a month old!

Teacher Appreciation Week is a BIG thing at DS1's school.  Each year the PTSO collects items or monetary donations for gift baskets that teachers have a chance to win. This year, I decided to ask if they would like for me to make a quilted gift to be included in a basket.

The response?

"That would be GREAT!!!"

Being on a mug rug kick lately, that was my choice for the quilted item. I found a fabric (in my scrap bin) that wasn't too "girl-y" and went from there.

What's next???

Choose a design that would be appropriate for a teacher's desk.

"Shut Up!" would NOT be a good choice. That lovely suggestion actually came from a teacher friend of mine. LOL

I opted for a design that a teacher would be proud for students to see. It's a little quilt that could even be posted on a bulletin board. It's what EVERY teacher wants EVERY student to do on a daily basis...


I did the letters with free-form piecing using a method that I learned in a workshop with Bonnie Hunter of She learned the method from her friend Tonya Ricucci, The UnRuly Quilter of I'm pretty sure that Bonnie is no longer teaching these letters as part of her class because the method can now be found in Tonya's new book titled Word Play Quilts.

I can't WAIT to get my copy!

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