Friday, January 7, 2011

The Pfaff Returns...AGAIN!!!

This post was previously at the end of my 1st blog submission for 2011.  Unfortunately, something happened to the formatting and it overlapped the post before it.  Sorry!  It was a bit of a mess.

If you've been following my quilting adventure, you know that I've had "issues" with one of my sewing machines. (If not, read about it here, and here, to catch up.)  Anyway, it went to the shop and home again, but it just wasn't sounding like it should.  I took it BACK to Mr. Fix-It, but he was out shopping.

I stitched a bit for Mrs. Fix-It who claimed that she didn't hear anything - even though everyone in my house (and half the neighborhood) could here it from my sewing room!

Anyway...I left it.  (There went ANOTHER week of sewing!!!)

When I picked it up (AGAIN!), I was told that there had been some OTHER bent part that "should have been spotted" during the original repair.  ( think?!)

Mr. Fix-It apologized and I was on my merry way.

This time...the machine sounds MUCH better!  Thank goodness (!) because I've got UFOs to finish!

Now where's that List???  :o)

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