Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - SAFF 2016 Edition

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week you will get the inside scoop on last weekend's SAFF trip. Stick around, if you'd like to break the code... "What happens at SAFF, STAYS at SAFF!!"

Miss Bab's SAFF Colorway 2016:

A wonderful New-To-SAFF shop:

Owner, Kate, LOVED my Trail Tote:

Another New-To-SAFF shop and this one's from Tampa:

Here I am on a Knitting Break, while waiting for Knittingsuek:

She's here, she's here!!  Quick!  Let's take a picture in front of Miss Bab's booth.  Lots of pretty yarn, but I didn't make a purchase:

Hmm... which Wild Hare Neon do I want:

What about the SAFF Colorway from Shalimar:

Sue had a tough choice, too:

The Fiber Seed dyed yarn for THIS fun cowl pattern, available for FREE on Ravelry:

Saturday was Quilting Day at SAFF!!  Sue worked on her Shaggy Denim Quilt:

Joy brought scraps to share:

Sue showed off her newest project bag:

It was purchased due to its interesting construction details:

Field Trip!!!  After lunch at The Blackberry Mountain Cafe, we headed off to Beginnings Quilt Shop in Hendersonville, NC:

THIS fun quilt greeted us:

I brought along Spring Fling, in the hopes of finding borders, backing, and binding.  Score!!  The purchases were also on SALE:

Sue looked to add fabrics to her Hexie Project:

We enjoyed a glorious autumn afternoon:

Let me take a picture of the bag you made:

Silly shot followed by a good one:

Oh, how cute...

... And look at the interesting detailing:

Twinsies!!!  This bag was spotted down in the lobby:

How do these buttons work:

Just. YUM!!!  Dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe:

Which "Ashley Bag" should I get:

Process of elimination:

A "summer" and a "spring" bag decided to follow me home:

The sheep ran away:

Must. SEE!!  Tracy's KNIT sneakers:

Happy Christmas gift from Sue.  Thank you!!!  It's AWESOME:

It's SO soft:

Colorway - Half Past Midnight:

It's a NEW yarn from Miss Babs:

All wound up and ready for my next project:

A bag from Whimzee Stitches:

And one from Erin Lane:

Until next time...
Shop with friends!!!


  1. ...and a good time was had by all! Obviously.

  2. I would have been working with a friend at SAFF if I had not had another commitment.

  3. Such eye candy! I think I need to find a SAFF so I can rebuild my stash...


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