Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quilt Show Results

Durham Orange Quilters Guild had a very successful show at American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC this weekend.  It was great fun viewing all the quilts and attending some of the technique demonstrations.  I still have some "Raffle" Tickets available for our beautiful opportunity quilt.  I'm hoping to sell them between now and the December guild meeting.

I have news of my show entries.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I entered two quilts and one jacket.  My quilt, Purple and Green Coins, was for "display only" due to the tardiness of the entry.  (Yes, I missed the deadline!)  The jacket that I finished for the Spring 2012 UFO Club, Patriotic Improv Jacket, received Honorable Mention.  (I managed to get that entry in on time.)  That leaves one entry unaccounted for...

What quilt was that?

The (Glencoe) Mill Quilt was entered, as part of a 13 part series, in the group quilt category.  Twenty-one feet of quilty goodness was prominently displayed at the main entrance to the show.

Why such good placement?

The grouping won 1st Place!

OK, so what?  That doesn't explain why it got such a primo spot.

You're right.

What if I told you that it received Best of Show???

Let me tell you...

The Mountain to Sea Trail quilt WAS awarded Best of Show.  There are 13 VERY happy quilters (all busy doing a happy dance!)  Thank you to all of the participating members of the DOQ Art Quilt Bee.  I am so thankful to share this honor with such a talented group of quilters.  It's a shame that we also have to share the actual ribbons because they would look REALLY good hanging in my studio!  LOL

The AQB is now plotting and planning for future showings of this display.  I'll be sure to post updates as The Series travels to various venues over the course of the next year or year and a half.  You will also be informed when it reaches its final destination (in full or in part.)

Until then...
Happy Quilting!

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