Friday, April 27, 2012

Purple & Green Coin (Corner Detail)

The photo shows the corner detail on my current UFO of choice. A scrappy quilt. that is intended to be a donation quilt.   (We'll have to see how THAT works out!  LOL)

Why did I add this corner treatment?

Well, the quilt turned out a little bit bigger than I'd originally planned. This wasn't a problem, but it did present a design challenge.

How so?

There was only enough of the beautiful green paisley border fabric for the smaller version.

What's a quilter to do???

Well, what I did was take a portion of an extra "Coin" panel and created the blocks for the corners of the quilt. However, that didn't quite do the trick so you will notice what else I did when you get another look at a full view of the quilt.

I'm happy to have made some progress on my Purple & Green Coin Quilt. I picked it up from the quilter earlier this week and have now done a rough trim, in preparation for the binding.

Next up?

What fabric is available for use as the binding??? I'm off to go check...

Oh! Don't wait around. I probably won't post again until the binding has been applied AND sewn down. Come back for another look then.

See you later!

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