Sunday, January 22, 2012

MR5 - Letters, Words, and Monograms Mug Rug Swap

I'm at it again.  Being a moderator on Ravelry's Quilters Knitting Group gets me in ALL kinds of trouble!  The beginning of the year marked the start of another Mug Rug Swap.

It's "sew" much fun, even though the number of participants has diminished.  We may (or may not) do another swap, but either way, I couldn't resist offering this one.  It was suggested during a member poll for the theme of the MR4 Swap and didn't win out for that particular swap.

Today, I decided that I had to develop a design for my swap partner.  I trudged up to the studio to put on my thinking cap.  It worked!  I came up with not ONE design, but TWO!!!

So excited was I that once work began...

It ended with a completed mug rug!!!

(All that remains to be done is the binding,.)

Photos will follow after my swap partner receives the completed piece.  Wait for them.  Wait for them...

Here they are!

MR5.1 for MichelleInSeattle:


MR5.1 Made by me! (Front)


MR5.1 for MichelleInSeattle (Back)

MR5.2 for Joeyune:


MR5.2 for Joeyune (Front)


MR5.2 for Joeyune (Back)

I hope the enjoy using them because I enjoyed making them!

Up next:

Receipt of MR5!

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