Saturday, October 29, 2011

MR4 Winter Goodies

MR4 Winter Goodies by basketcasejoy
MR4 Winter Goodies, a photo by basketcasejoy on Flickr.

I was SO excited to get my MR4 Fall swap that I didn't realize that my MR4 Winter swap had arrived on the SAME day! Can you imagine my surprise???

I felt like I had won the lottery!!!

Just LOOK at all of the cool stuff Fidissimus included in my package. The BEST part was that she used the SAME mailing envelope that I had mailed to her! I love the fact that she reused it.

So. Did you SEE all of the cool stuff that was included in the package with my adorable snowman mug rug? Fabric, yarn, a selection of tea, a Knit Happens bumper sticker, AND the MOST AMAZING tape measure ever!!!

Thank you again, Fidissimus. I think I'll go have another cup of tea (just so I can put my mug rug to work.)

I heard that it snowed today in a number of states. I think that we should celebrate... that we DID NOT get any here!!!

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